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Intolerance Cuts Both Ways

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // March 11,2009 -

I began reading City Weekly about a year ago when I began going to college, and especially since Proposition 8, I’ve noticed a growing resentment for Mormons, Christians and the “religious right.”

I am Christian. I am also for gay marriage. However, whenever I tell any “open-minded” liberal person that I am a Christian, I get “the look.” I imagine it is the same look that one gets when they tell a “closed-minded” conservative that they are gay. Like you have an illness. It seems to me that lately, the only things that liberals will tolerate are liberal ideals, which is odd because that’s exactly what they complain about conservatives doing. Please, all of you “open-minded” City Weekly reading, Obama voting, Sundance going, left-wing liberals, don’t become what you claim to hate the most. Intolerance isn’t just for the conservatives, and equality doesn’t mean reversing the roles that we currently play.

Lance Garcia
Salt Lake City

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Posted // March 21,2009 at 17:53 Lance, why would you tell anyone you were a Christian? I think you're misinterpreting the look - it's not that they're prejudiced, it's that it's improper to share something so personal in a casual conversation. Perhaps the 'liberal' (how do you know they're liberal) you're speaking with is concerned about being proselytized to, or worries (appropriately) that the conversation has taken a turn that will lead to no good end. At the risk of assuming, it sounds like YOU'RE assuming. And it sounds like your whining, too, but that's a whole other thing.


Posted // March 13,2009 at 20:53 Regarding Mr. Garcia's concern that "open minded" liberals express intolerance when christians are open about their ideology, I would like to express how I feel as a nonbeliever. I have to live in a nation and state dominated by a set of laws and social mores that are completely without rational basis. I have to drink what is mandated by christians, wear garments whose sole purpose is not to offend the delicate sensibilities of the religious. Conservative christians are- right now, trying to force my children to learn untruths regarding biology and history, and are also trying to force my wife to have children she may not want, or be able to care for. Conservative christian lawmakers (and the conservative christian populace that elects them) want to tell me what I can and cannot do in my bedroom in my marital bed, and they wish to control, and recently decided to monitor, what legal substances I put in my mouth and what intoxicated state I may choose to indulge in. My choices in entertainment are subject to censorship of mere words, and depictions of sexuality are suppressed in favor of the worst kind of xenophobic, jingoistic, sadistic and violent imagery, in what seems (to someone who does not share the christian belief system) to be totally irrational- it is SO irrational that I often joke that when I leave my house I have to put on my "Insane Suit" to interact with the general population...In short, conservative "values" and "morals" run my life just as surely as if I were a slave of a conservative master- however benign and enlightened. And since these laws and rules were (ostensibly) made in a democratic fashion, I comply with the will of the Irrational Majority that made the rules, but don't feel entitled to "respect for your beliefs" when they have no provable basis, and amount to little more than imperfect modern interpretations of a mythology that has no more validity than that of the pagans, jews hindus, and muslims- all of which I would assume as a christian you don't believe in any more than I believe in your credo. I would advise that the next time you get this "look" you mention in your letter, that you remember that the actual power in this country and state is overwhelmingly in the hands of those of you who chose to live by a set of thousands of years old superstitions, and that perhaps some of us who want to live our lives on a rational basis may resent, and when we give you "the look" it is less intolerant than it is an unconscious expression of the annoyance that we have to constantly jump through your hoops to live our lives.