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Buttars Doesn't Represent All

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // March 11,2009 -

I must respond to Kevin Sillito regarding boycotting businesses in West Jordan because of frustration over remarks made by state Sen. Chris Buttars [“Enough Is Enough,” March 5, City Weekly].

I moved to West Jordan three years ago. I am very active in the LDS Church, and I became a delegate for the Democratic Party shortly after moving here. I completely disagree with almost everything that comes from Buttars’ mouth—he does not represent my beliefs and certainly not my feelings towards the gay community.

However, boycotting West Jordan businesses and telling your friends to do the same is not the answer. First of all, Buttars’ district does not comprise all of West Jordan—it takes in areas of South Jordan and, I believe, some of Herriman. Although I live in West Jordan, Buttars is not in my district.

Don’t hurt other people because of the actions of a few. I am getting more involved in the political process in hopes of seeing some changes—I encourage others to do the same.

Megan Allen
West Jordan

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Posted // March 12,2009 at 12:26 I'd like to second the idea that Buttars doesn't represent all- especially those of us who are LDS and believe in things like equal rights and tolerance.