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Common Ground Not About Marriage

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // February 19,2009 -

I am writing you today to express my feelings and explain the Common Ground Initiatives that are being voted on this legislative session [“Ground Zero,” Feb. 12, City Weekly]. Many Utahns believe that these bills have much to do with gay marriage.

They are very mistaken. This CGI has nothing to do with marriage at all. The CGI is a group of bills to protect the LGBT community and those associated.

Right now in the state of Utah, an individual currently can get fired or kicked out of his or her home for being gay or transgender.

This is not fair and does not represent what freedom is and what America stands for. These bills also would guarantee hospital-visitation rights to homosexual couples.

These bills are very important to my family and me, and I would ask anyone who is debating or against the CGI to look into it more and put yourself into the situation of not having the protections of one of these bills.

Ryan Ford
Salt Lake City

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Posted // February 26,2009 at 07:26 HB 160 was worth voting for. The other bills weren't ready. Perhaps if they just work with that bill next time and have a different sponsor, it would pass.