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UTA Is Indifferent

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // July 10,2013 -

Utah Transit Authority spends an average of $260,000 a year on lobbyists. UTA pays $610,000 for the UTA Board of Trustees to travel the world. John Inglish’s severance-package total was $364,406. Inglish will receive a lifetime $200,000 pension.

Taxpayers’ dollars would be better spent on a good bus system to help reduce the need for paratransit and serve more people. UTA has hurt hundreds of people because of the destruction of the bus system. People have lost jobs; there are also many individuals who have lost their independence. The decrease in bus routes has caused more need for food stamps and Medicaid, more people going to the food bank and more homelessness. Taking buses out of neighborhoods also increases poverty and crime.

UTA has a very inefficient bus system; 90 percent of Salt Lake County residents cannot leave their vehicles at home and take public transit.

South Salt Lake City

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Posted // July 16,2013 at 09:57

Regardless of the reasons and personalities as mentioned in earlier comments, it is true that UTA cuts bus services at liberty and when the mood strikes. They say they have cash flow problems, but what I believe is that they feel compelled to take advantage of federal funding so they keep building tracks we can't afford.  The buses are critical to making the system work. The lobbying is critical only to get more track dollars. Which do we want? It's important to let UTA know our priorities en masse, not sure how to do that, perhaps through Wasatch Front Regional Council is most effective way, 801. 363. 4230 is switchboard number. They oversee UTA funding requests from year to year. Or contact City Weekly with an email, so they have lots of responses. . . .


Posted // July 10,2013 at 20:36

 There was the Ridership on Route 203 UTA is so good Lying. There so much CORRUPTION at UTA. Garrett try leaving your Vehicle.



Posted // July 10,2013 at 18:55

Wow. Ms. Diaz makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims, but to say that 90 percent of people on Salt Lake County have no access to transit is egregiously false. We both attended a UTA public hearing once and she parroted this same claim to me as we were speaking to a UTA planner. She ignored me when I politely said that her claims were incorrect. though it's unfortunate her route was eliminated a few years back, it had low ridership and UTA was going through the brunt of the recession. So they targeted services that were used by the fewest people. Makes sense to me.


Posted // July 10,2013 at 15:19

I know Tammi, due to some severe injuries a few years ago she is unable to walk the three or four blocks to the closest bus stop. Up to a couple years ago there was one right by her house giving her independence.   It is ironic that UTA has made it so those who are best served are the people with cars who can drive to Trax stations. In too many cases the elderly and disabled have lost access to public transportation due to the lack of bus stops close enough for them to walk to.