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Don’t Mistake Silence for Inaction

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // May 22,2013 -

Some are crediting the Mormon church’s current official public silence and inaction on same-sex marriage for the recent successful enactment of same-sex marriage in some U.S. states. That, of course, completely ignores the fact that Mormons, at the direction of the Mormon church, are the primary and deliberately hidden driving force, including massive funding and organization, behind the very loud, public and aggressive anti-LGBT National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

NOM is not just opposed to same-sex marriage, but actively slanders and scapegoats LGBT people all the time; it opposes not just equal rights for LGBT people, including same-sex marriage, but all rights—including the right to life. Don’t mistake the Mormon church’s official public silence and inaction for actually being silent and inactive.

Salt Lake City

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Posted // May 29,2013 at 08:37

. . . and while slandering and scapegoating the LDS church you attempt to make a point about the LGBT being "slandered and scapegoated" . . . face it, there are many people inside and out of any church who just don't like the LGBT agenda or the idea of gay marriage . . .


Posted // May 22,2013 at 13:32

Do you have evidence that the church is directing members to donate to NOM?  I'm LDS and I was strongly encouraged by the church to donate to the campaign in support of Prop 8 while living in Los Angeles. But I've received no other direction from the church since, nor have I heard of anyone being directed to give to NOM or any other organization. Of course, individual members may choose to give to NOM or any other organization, but that is a far cry from being directed to by the church.  

Conversely, the church has unexpectedly changed course and not actively directed involvement in subsequent campaigns related to gay marriage. I see no basis for your statements.  

As for NOM, I don't know anything about them. But you say they don't think homosexuals have a right to life!  I went to their website. After only looking at their front page, it is promoting fight gay marriage in IL and they condemn the murder of a gay man in New York. You are overstating things in an attempt to condemn those you perceive as your opponents.