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Perfectly Pointless

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // April 24,2013 -

What was the point of the Johnny Bangerter piece [“Johnny’s Rotten,” April 11, City Weekly]? I would call it a cover story, but use of the word “story” implies purpose and reason.

Was it awareness (of what?)? Was it to sell advertising (always and all ways), or proof Sid Vicious did die in vain? Here’s a real news tip: Chicken seen crossing the road! Why? To get his story in City Weekly! CW could spin it that he was a pedophile ... got caught trying to lay an egg!

Don’t worry about accuracy, it’s the City Weekly. Who cares? Who would even know to care? CW: effectively, noise without change, all well within acceptable advertising range ... and most likely what John Bangerter (Johnny Rotten) was really all about!

Salt Lake City

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Posted // May 2,2013 at 22:21

 I just spoke my mind openly, and some things such as Ruby Ridge, and the IRS raid on Redd Foxx affected me deeply, unlike so many sheeple in theis suck ass plastic society. As you see for instance with Danielle Willards cold blooded murder by the West Valley Police Department might never have been busted wide open had I not taken the steps to organize the protests for her sensless killing. I think it is impotant to make noise when we see fucked up shit happening in front of us. Yes so I made some messed up choices in life. I guess there are so many perfect people .