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The Prison

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // April 3,2013 -

The Utah State Prison was built on land that was considered worthless [“Imprisoned Profit,” March 7, City Weekly]. Then the Mormon church builds a temple close to the worthless land. Not too many years later, the talk starts about moving the prison. Coincidence?

Now the worthless land is worth a lot of money, because of the location of the nearby Mormon temple.

The community leaders in Draper want a stake in developing the land, if the prison is moved. What I see is Mormons getting their way again. They will buy the land and develop it the way they want. Everything they want, they get, one way or another.

I think as taxpayers, the citizens of Utah should get to vote yes or no on moving the prison. I am sick and tired of a few people deciding things for all of us.

People of Utah, when will you wake up and smell the coffee? We are being taken for a ride that will cost us taxpayers a lot of money. The Mormon church can afford to build big fancy temples. Let the church pay for a new prison if they want it moved.

When the temple was being built in Draper, my late husband and I talked about this very thing. It is happening just the way we thought it would.

We taxpayers pay for inmates’ keep, which is $30,000 a year per inmate. Why should we have to pay for a new building to put them in?

Hope this will wake up the people in this state who are too blind to see what is going on.


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Posted // April 3,2013 at 11:57

Hmm I'm torn. On one hand I don't think it makes sense to move the prison. On the other hand, I agree with Jeff's reaction to the letter. Both of you are right. Deanna just uses bad logic to reach her conclusion.


Posted // April 3,2013 at 08:57

What I see is a anti-Mormon bigot who has no clue.