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Please Protect Us From Tigers

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // March 20,2013 -

I note that the Utah Legislature has allocated $300,000 to prevent the re-introduction of wolves in Utah.

That’s all well and good—but what about tigers? Tigers can cause far greater depredation of livestock and wildlife than wolves, and a tiger is many times more dangerous to humans than any wolf. So, why were these legislators dead set on allowing tigers to be introduced, while keeping wolves out?

You say: There are currently no proposals to introduce tigers into Utah. But that’s a false argument, since there are likewise no current proposals to introduce wolves. The Legislature was being proactive to the tune of a third of a million dollars, heading things off in case a wolf proposal might emerge. So why didn’t they also protect Utah’s citizens and animals from the tigers that might be introduced if such a proposal were to come up?

This is a travesty against the people of Utah. In their name, I demand that the governor convene a special session of the Legislature to provide us with protection from the specter of marauding bands of tigers, slaughtering our sheep and eating our babies.

Salt Lake City

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Posted // March 22,2013 at 02:50

Mr. Tapscott, while correct about the danger of tigers, has overlooked the far more dangerous threats from leopards and hippopotamus not being introduced. Where is his concern for the lack of an Army Ant proposal? I fear that he has taken a special interest in protection from tigers, while being miserly with the people's money in protecting us from other significant threats. I would suggest that Mr. Tapscott be given $300,000 to lobby against tiger introuction, and that other concerned citizens likewise be contracted to lobby against any and all species of special fear. To ensure the taxpayer gets their dollars' worth, each contracted individual should have to file an affadavit at year's end, certifying that s/he "Did a good job. "