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Keeping Fingers Crossed

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // February 6,2013 -

After reading Ted Scheffler’s review of Feldman’s Deli [“Soul Food,” Jan. 3, City Weekly], a smile came to my face. I couldn’t wait to dive into a bowl of matzo-ball soup along with a corned beef on caraway rye.

Upon entering the upbeat, contemporary-style deli, I sadly was told most everything was sold out due to the unexpectedly large turnout as a result of City Weekly’s recent review. My heart sank but was awakened again when told the corned beef on caraway rye was still available. I hoping to wash it down with a Coke or Dr. Brown’s product but was surprised that only Pepsi fountain products were available. So, I opted for iced tap water served from a pitcher in a Ball Mason jar.

The sandwich looked good, but was on the smallish side compared to the description of the portions described in Ted Scheffler’s review, and compared to what I am used to at Jewish-type/kosher delis (JKTDs) from my travels around the country. As for the price: not New York City pricing, but pricey compared with Chicago, Los Angeles or Portland JKTDs. The side of coleslaw—in an oversize shot glass—was particularly miniscule.

As for the quality of the corned beef: not hot, dryish, crumbly (perhaps due to our high altitude and dry climate) and nowhere near as Scheffler described it: “superb, filled to bursting with juicy meat, just like in the Big Apple.” It can’t even compare in quality to that found in other parts of the country.

With a few changes, Feldman’s has a chance of making it for the long term. I hope it does since, as Scheffler stated, Salt Lake City has been sans a Jewish-type deli for way too many years to count. I have my fingers crossed and will check them out again during their new dinner hours. Hopefully, the matzo-ball soup will be available along with “succulent slices of juicy, warm pastrami … piled high.”

Park City

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Posted // February 8,2013 at 16:20

I must say that Robert's experience seems very different than that of multiple customers who have contacted me to thank me for discovering an authentic Jewish deli. And, I don't recall ever mentioning Dr. Brown's sodas. . . Virtually everyone I've heard from - including a number of very hard-to-please New Yorkers - have indicated to me that Feldman's is the real deal.  


Posted // February 8,2013 at 11:01

Robert, after Ted's review, we got a huge bump in business, or should I say a nuclear explosion!  I admit that we were not prepared. But we have worked hard to iron out the kinks, and I persnonally invite you to try us again. Let me know when you are here, so we can make it right.