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Judging Mormonism

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // January 1,2013 -

I never thought I’d agree with Christian fundamentalists, but they may be right about some Mormons not being Christians.

But, before I’m totally denounced by LDS friends, let me continue.

I don’t think most Christians are Christians, either. According to the red-printed words (supposedly the words of Jesus) in the New Testament, one is taught: Judge not lest you be judged, forgive your trespasses as you would forgive others, remove the mote from your own eye before trying to remove the splinter from another, don’t throw the first stone, etc.

Mormons not only judge their own members, they label all those with different beliefs as apostates. Mormons condemn LGBT people as sinners. The latest edict from on high says that one should love these people. But these same people are not to act upon their basic instincts. This is similar to trying to love a dog as long as it doesn’t bark or to accept a fish as long as it doesn’t swim.

Most of the hatred and condemning by LDS and other fundamental religions comes from the Old Testament or from the teachings of Joseph Smith or Brigham Young. Best as I can tell, Jesus came along and said, “Don’t believe a lot of that stuff that Dad said. It was of another time and, let’s face it, the old man had some anger-management issues.”

But what an ego rush for people to think they are the chosen people of God! It’s like being teacher’s pet. Most of us have wished bad things might happen to that love interest who jilted us, or even worse things might happen to that person who replaced us in the eyes of our beloved.

But these feelings are downright Christian compared to those who condemn nonbelievers to eternal damnation. Most modern countries condemn torture, even for serial killers. Yet, many so-called Christians seem to delight in believing that “others” outside the fold will suffer severe burns, constant torment and the forced breathing of sulphur fumes for all of eternity.

Of course, LDS members could break some of these “sinners” out of hell by their baptism of the dead. But such rescued souls would probably need extensive treatment in a burn center, psychological counseling and extensive skin grafts before being in shape to enter the Celestial Kingdom, or even the two lesser Mormon heavens.

People suffering from low self-esteem are always easy targets for belief systems that assure them they’ll immediately be better than those “others.” Plus, new recruits are guaranteed free transportation and first-class accommodations in that group’s particular heaven. All one has to do is die—before any doubt sets in.

Interestingly enough, most religions were founded by men who had too much time on their hands and too much testosterone. Surprise—most of these religions’ afterlives resemble the Hugh Hefner mansion.

As for LDS women, they can only get into the Celestial Kingdom if and when their earthly husbands reach out and call them by their secret names. Why would any man who still has a working prostate want his old wife to mess up the fun he’s having with all these young groupies on his own planet? But, I suppose someone has to fix funeral potatoes and green Jell-O for the horny late husband and all of his new friends.

After all, don’t Mormon men teach that, even though women have limited rights, they do have a special place in the eyes of Heavenly Father?


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Posted // January 16,2013 at 13:30

that's okay with me Sharky. . .   i often don't read comments if they are too long. . . i do only if i'm interested in the subject.   btw - couldn't have been any shorter to say what was important to me.  


Posted // January 16,2013 at 12:34

wow. . .   i'm sorry for you being so grossly misinformed about Mormonism and Christianity. . .

first of all, we humans come to this earth with two things. One, the desires and instincts of the "natural man/woman".   Second, we are ALL born with the light of Christ within us.

the PURPOSE of this life is to use the light of Christ to overcome the natural man. how does anything become strongER. . . by pushing and stretching and doing the thing that is more difficult in order to achieve better and higher results.   if we all went through this life just doing "whatever comes natural" it would be a pretty useless time for us on this earth.   just doing whatever comes natural often results in heartache and unhappiness for us and others.   sacrificing for our own benefit and the benefit of others is what brings self fulfillment, self respect and lifts others around us.

my religion, mormonism, teaches me every day of my life to never judge another person.   i have so many dear friends who believe very differently from me and i love them dearly and expect they will end up in very high places in the hereafter BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD PEOPLE.   my religion teaches me that we are ALL sinners. . . myself included. . . and that that is okay as long as we are striving (trying to overcome the natural man) to BECOME more like our Savior.   it's a lifetime and beyond process to become perfected.  

i ask you to please not judge mormons and Christians because WE are not perfect.   yes, self-righteousness is very easy to fall into. . . a GREAT tool of Satan.   it's easy to want to compare ourselves with others and try to think we are doing better than they.   it fulfulls a basic need to feel like we are "worth" somsething. . . that's one of the desires and needs of the natural man.   the LIGHT OF CHRIST and the gospel of Christ teaches me that i must OVERCOME that and learn, eventually, to love myself and all others because i am a child of that great and marvelous GOD who gave me life and gave me the oppotunity to come here and prove TO MYSELF as well as to my GOD that i have the faith and the desire and the strength to overcome. ALL OTHERS have that same right and i pray every morning and night and many times inbetween that i can do better in not judging others. . . and he has helped me in this throughout my life.   i DO love other people and desperately want to find the good in everyone.

this most certainly does NOT mean that i am doing better than ANYONE else. it just means that i am better at that area of my life than i used to be.   it is between me and my Heavenly Father. . . not between me and ANYONE else.   what they are striving for in their life is between them and God.

i am a woman. . . and I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT, BECAUSE MY CHURCH AND THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST HAS TAUGHT ME, that i will reach whatever kingdom of glory i deserve as will my husband.   i do not in any way have to wait for him to beckon me.   GOD IS JUST AND MERCIFUL and he loves his daughters as much as his sons. he loves me as much as he loves the prophets and he loves YOU as much as well.

i also know that Jesus is my Redeemer.   i am SO GRATEFUL for repentance. most people think that is a negative concept, but to me it is absolutely beautiful. . . an opportunity from a  loving Father who wants me to return to Him again.   "no unclean thing can enter into the presence of God". God MUST satisfy the law of justice.   therefore, the only way i can enter his presence again is to repent daily of my sins. if i say an unkind thing to someone or don't help someone when i really could have (which happens often enough because of my weaknesses) i need to tell God i'm sorry and want to do better. . . and then i strive to do better.   BECAUSE CHRIST WAS CRUCIFIED, HE satisfied the law of justice by paying the price of that sin of mine.   if i am sincere in my repentance, i am forgiven and i move on. that is how CHRIST'S ATONMENT satisfied the law of MERCY.

Satan loves us to feel terrible guilt. . . like we just arent' good enough to try. he wants us to lose that hope for a better future.   he also wants us to look down on others for he knows that's how he will win that battle. . . to bring contention and hatred into the world.

THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST IS PERFECT. . .   we humans are not. it's all part of the plan to STRENGTHEN ourselves while in this mortal life.

please know these comments come from my heart to you. i pray you can find true joy in your life by searching your own heart for the love and the light of Christ that is within you.


Posted // January 16,2013 at 12:43 - Too long, didn't read.