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We're All Somebody's Infidel

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // December 5,2012 -

In response to Stuart McDonald’s letter “Mormons Will Show Missouri” [Nov. 22, City Weekly]: Gee whiz, I’ve been a Mormon for 40 years and had no idea we were going to take over Missouri. If this is true, why are we being so slow about purging the land of Utah, given to us by God through the prophet Brigham Young and spoken of by Isaiah? It seems that we are welcoming non-Mormons by the busload even though this is a water-short desert.

Other than the Mountain Meadows Massacre—which was not the work of the church but of a few misguided individuals—I challenge McDonald to cite even one example of the Mormons, as a church, persecuting or harming anyone.

Also, does he suppose the Jews are militant in Israel because it really is their ancestral birthplace? In the Torah, God promised them far more land than they have ever laid claim to. The Near East is about the size of Canada, and all the Jews claim is a tiny plot of land about the size of Rhode Island. In proportion, I let a family of feral cats have more of my yard than that.

It’s interesting that McDonald fails to mention other prominent religious groups on the world scene that think this is their planet and intend to rid it of all infidels, including both him and me. He might consider burying his hatchet and preparing to defend his country and his freedom.

West Valley City

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Posted // December 7,2012 at 07:36

Stuart's letter was idiotic and stupid, but your letter is just as ignorant of the facts.  The Mountain Meadow Massacre was not just the work of individuals, Brigham Young knew full well what was happening and why, because he ordered it.  Even if that's not the case, you're leaving out, intentionally or not, the disturbing history of the church's intimidation, hatred, and outright murder against the gay community.    Go ahead and google the essay, "The Abominable and Detestable Crime Against Nature" by Connell O'Donovan if you'd like a history lesson about your church suppressing, persecuting, and harming others.