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Our Goose Is Cooked

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // November 28,2012 -

It’s been months since the Benghazi attack, and none of our elected officials have figured out how to respond. This is a massive insult to our country and our dead. Doesn’t it infuriate anyone in the United States?

America’s pathetic response to this attack is much more dangerous than it is insulting. It simply shows all the world how weak America is. The Bible says, “God has broken the pride of our power” (Leviticus 26:19).

Benghazi perfectly shows that though America has tremendous power, our leaders fear to use it. It is a sign that America has receded into the background and is declining fast. Being weak always causes violence and what most call wars.

The folks in power today, and for the past four years, will not respond to any aggression toward the United States. They allow evils like this to increase. America can bomb Gaddafi out of power and yet is so afraid to put boots on the ground to finish the job. In this case, America also is afraid to put boots on the ground even to save our ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, plus three others.

We have handed Libya over to them—just like we handed Egypt to the radical Muslim brotherhood, and then had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton give them another $97 million of our money. For what and why? Now, as Egypt and Israel come very close to war, the Jews are surrounded on all sides by these terrorists who want to kill them, plus kill America.

Mubarak, the past leader of Egypt, was Israel’s and our longtime ally. But what did Obama do? He took the other side, the brotherhood side. How dumb was that? Obama even boasted many times: “We’re on the right side of history.” Very wrong, Mr. President.

Plus, Al Qaida is for sure not on the run, as Obama has repeatedly said.

Alas, our goose is cooked.


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Posted // December 2,2012 at 11:55

Just have to say. . . to hold the attitude that "we handed egypt over" to anyone, or "handed libya over to 'them'" demonstrates a fairly ignorant belief that either Libya or Egypt were ever our property to "hand over" to ANYONE in the first place.  

Seriously. . . you really needed to be told this?  Its hard to understand your anger over benghazi, yet lack thereof over the dozens of similar incidents that have occured systematically over the past 50 years, though not as close to an election to warrant the kind of trumping up that was attempted in this case.   You're being a tool.   Step out of your armchair for a beer, your quarterbacking isn't helpful or needed.

I know this falls on deaf ears, but people like YOU are the problem here.