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Vaper Paper

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // June 27,2012 -

Dear Gov. Herbert,

In March 2012, you signed into law an amendment to the Indoor Air Quality Act that, in part, banned usage of electronic cigarettes from indoor use rather than restricting the usage from specific types of businesses.

Despite your public providing documented scientific evidence on lack of harm associated with electronic cigarettes and the request from businesses to decide for themselves, you signed this into law.

I am now presenting a new study that has just been completed, which was designed in coordination with Utah Vapers to further study and document all risks surrounding indoor-electronic-cigarette usage.

To summarize the study:

- Five electronic cigarette users vaped 1.5 ml. (roughly equivalent to one pack of tobacco cigarettes) of electronic-cigarette liquid inside the room for five hours.

- Five tobacco-cigarette users smoked 19 cigarettes inside another room for five hours.

- Over the testing period, the testing equipment monitored for levels of nicotine, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), glycerine and several other substances.

The results of this study show beyond a shadow of a doubt that the risk of harm to nonusers and the quality of the air is exponentially better than what the Utah legislators and our health agencies testified about during the hearings.

This data proves there is no harm to those sharing common air space with someone vaping, and that the law has been passed based on perception over scientific fact and need.

You may review the final report which outlines in granular detail the levels of all compounds that were tested and detected at

I encourage you to share this with your scientific advisers to review the data for accuracy and fact.

Aaron Frazier
Utah Vapers
Salt Lake City

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Posted // July 10,2012 at 15:33

You said it Aaron! The banning of e-cigs without any prior scientific evidence is just preposterous! Nonetheless, it simply is absurd to use the term smoking when using e-cigs... Oh, when will this ever end, when will they realize?


Posted // June 27,2012 at 07:17

I encourage members from our state run health agencies along with our elected leaders to contact me for an open dialog on this topic.  This is the evidence you wanted in regards to the indoor e-cig ban.  This shows a proponderance of evidence supporting our stance that there is a lack of harm associated with exhaled ecig vapor.  Therefore, I call on our elected leaders to review HB245 and remove electronic cigarettes from the definition of smoking and remove electronic cigarettes from the indoor ban.


The choice is yours - will you continue to enforce laws based on morality and lies or will you do what's right and base our laws on need and fact?