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No Shades of Gray

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // June 20,2012 -

Dr. Gregory Clark has played a rather crummy trick on a group of people he clearly despises [“Broken Bridge,” June 14, City Weekly]. The Mormons Building Bridges crowd is obviously not very progressive on the subject of gay rights, but the idea that they would countenance the killing of gays is nasty and absurd.

And yes, the MBB won’t break with their religion and become real proponents of gay rights—is this really a surprise?

The problem with beating up on moderates is that presently you may find that there are no moderates. And maybe that will be fine with Clark—after all, isn’t it easier getting rid of all shades of gray and just having neat, simple black and white?

Jerry Hatch
Salt Lake City

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Posted // July 13,2012 at 19:12

Time for another reality check, folks.    


I. "Crummy trick"?  

Hatch falsely claims that I played a "crummy trick" on the Mormons Building Bridges crowd.  Not so.

I duly informed both MBB founder Erika Munson, Kendall Wilcox, and Stephanie Lauritzen at the very start of their interviews, without being prompted, that I was not impartial.  I also explicitly informed them that I was potentially writing an article for potential publication.    

I asked the questions.  I reported their answers. City Weekly published them.  

Sorry.  No "crummy tricks" involved.   And I stand by the accuracy of what I reported.


Let's review, starting with MBB founder Erika Munson.  

She was quite happy to point "everybody toward the Church statements on homosexuality on LDS dot org."  She was quite happy to spread the message of her deity.  And she was quite happy to proclaim God's supposed love, and to claim that she herself promoted love for all people.  But when explicitly asked to rebuke the words her very own God spake in Leviticus, that gay lovers be killed, she repeatedly refused to do so.

Not just once.  Not just twice.  Not just three times.  But a total of seven times, worded one way or another.    Let's take it from the top.


GC:  Hi. Are you Ms. Munson?

EM: I am.

GC: I'm Greg Clark.  

EM: Hi, Greg.

GC: First, I'm not impartial, so thank you.

EM: Aww…You are so welcome. Thank you, thank you.

GC: Second, I may ask some questions potentially for an article.

EM: Sure.  Now, tell me what, who you represent…

GC: Right now, I'm not representing anybody but myself.

EM: OK, OK. Lovely.  OK.

GC: Again, I thank you for doing this. But I'm trying to reconcile your support for this with the Bible….  How do you do that? …It's a very sincere question.

EM: Right now, we are here to show Jesus Christ's message about unconditional love and support. End of story.  We are pointing everybody toward the Church statements on homosexuality on 'LDS dot org'.  And we don't feel that we're here to parse those statements or to discuss the ins and outs of the various doctrines...

GC: We’re all familiar also with Leviticus, right? ["If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." Leviticus 20:13, KJV.  Cited in the link from "Basic beliefs" on the 'LDS dot org' home page.]

EM: You know, we're just not here to talk about that today….

GC: ...You refuse to rebuke the notion that gays shouldn't marry.


EM: We're not taking a stand on marriage equality one way or the other...

GC: What about the injunction [in Leviticus] that people kill gays?  Would you take a stand against that?

No, she would not…

GC: But you would not take a stand against killing gays?

No, she would not…

And so forth. 

GC: That's really remarkable.  So, think about that when you go home.  You refuse to speak against killing people.  And that's your definition of 'love'. Is that correct?

Perhaps so.   After all, it's what the Mormon God Himself spake.  And we all know that His love is unconditional.  Even though it included killing gays.   And we all know that He is never, ever wrong.




Posted // July 2,2012 at 15:32

Why is CW always promoting homoism?  I mean ... just go to google images and type in "anal warts".  you will quickly find the truth about that sick and depraved choice of conduct.

Quit pushing the lib media line about openness and tolerance.  Anal warts leads to anal cancer which leads to surgical removal of the rectum.  Sound fun?  Guess again.