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Rich Man's Religion

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // March 28,2012 -

The article about the new City Creek Center [“Three for the Money,” March 22, City Weekly] tells me that instead of Mormons “building up the Kingdom of God on Earth,” they would rather abandon that idea in favor of becoming a rich man’s religion. They are now saying: “The hell with you poor folks.” That is very sad.

Douglas Cotant
Salt Lake City

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Posted // March 28,2012 at 09:46

What BS. This is not a letter. This was a previous blog comment left on another loonie's letter that received no responses. Are you so desparate to stir the shit?


Posted // March 28,2012 at 14:45 - So he actually posted this comment to the article and then sent it to you guys, asking for publication? Oh lord. Hell, Jerre, I've given you guys a book's worth of comments. For some reason that I cannot figure (mental illness? maybe I'm just like Stuart McDonald?!), I've been doing that here for years. Only I actually try to say things that don't simply stem from blatant, ignorant hatred of the local religious flavor or vice versa. Between Stuart and Douglas, you guys publish loads of insane, anti-Mormon junk, and I can't help but think it is done to stir the shit. There can't be any other reason as nothing productive ever comes of Stuart and Douglas's "work" - just a bunch of back and forth between the usual suspects, and it ALWAYS sounds the same and it is ALWAYS trite and boring. I swear, between Utah's left and right (both are extremist in equal measure), I stand in the middle surrounded by weirdos that I cannot relate to. I really should move. Anyway, thanks for the explanation, Jerre. I appreciate it and am glad to know you didn't simply grab this from the comment section. Cheers.


Posted // March 28,2012 at 12:28 - While Douglas Cotant posted a similar comment online, he also emailed the above letter to us, asking that we consider it for publication. We welcome comments that relate to City Weekly content, and would invite you to send yours.


Posted // March 28,2012 at 09:51 - Ah, hell. This wasn't a comment on the other Mormon hating loonie's letter but a lame blog comment left on a dull article. No difference, still an invented letter.