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Downtown Falling

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // February 22,2012 -

With the hoopla surrounding the highly anticipated opening of the new City Creek shopping center on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City on March 22, there are some troubling signs that things aren’t going very well in this city.

For example, scores of retailers have left The Gateway and Trolley Square, or have announced plans to leave, for greener pastures at City Creek. I’ve noticed that Trolley Square has done a very poor job of attracting new tenants—the place is devoid of any atmosphere and the beautiful marquee out front isn’t being fixed and maintained properly. And The Gateway isn’t too far behind.

That said, I cannot fathom the reason why City Creek will not be open on Sunday. Have you ever tried the Sunday brunch at the Cheesecake Factory? This is a really bad move by the LDS Church.

Also, why is UTA considering a move to curtail the free-fare zone for buses?

I was in Portland and Seattle for the Thanksgiving holiday and was amazed to find that you can buy heavy beer, malt-flavored beverages and wine in the grocery stores, if you can believe it! You might as well forget being able to buy a bottle of Pinot Noir at the new downtown Harmons. Any sensible urban dweller doesn’t want to have to drive to the nearest liquor outlet; they would much rather walk to one.

Fact is, downtown Salt Lake City just doesn’t have a sufficient population base, lacks the urban density and isn’t self-sustainable enough to make these shopping centers economically viable. City Creek doesn’t have anything to differentiate itself from the competition, aside from having a Macy’s and a Nordstrom. You can find all of that and much, much more at Fashion Place Mall in Murray.

Jordan Taggart
Salt Lake City

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Posted // April 10,2012 at 08:19

Aren't you the one who only a few years ago wrote that "downtown SL is dull" and complained about it? And if you don't like SL move someplace you DO like, Jordan. Portland, Seattle maybe?? Good riddance.


Posted // February 22,2012 at 15:36

Jordan, if you'll remember when Gateway opened, Mayor Rocky threatened retailers who picked up and left Main Street in a stampede west to Gateway. Now, some are leaving for City Creek, same with a few Trolley Sq. merchants. I've never considered Trolley Square for retail shopping since it was opened. I used to go there to drink at various versions of Greenstreet, but I always thought the merchants were WAY, WAY overpriced and snotty. Bringing in that huge Death Star, Whole Foods, only makes the whole experience at Trolley even more awkward and distasteful. Wait until WF's naive and precious clientele figure out that most organic food sold in the US is produced on slave-labor factory farms in China, you know, that place way over there that uses lead paint on kid's toys and plastic filler in pet food? Yeah, that China. Now go enjoy your $14 'organic' cumquat, Berkinstock Brain. When WF's 'organic' balloon collapses, you'll be able to fly a plane through Trolley Square and not hit anyone.