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Church Membership Is a Choice

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // February 8,2012 -

I’m sure the elders of the church are taking Sylvan Crofts’ opinion under consideration. In his letter [“LDS Church Should Change for Romney,” Feb. 2, City Weekly], he keeps asking the leaders of the church to free their people, as if all Mormons are hooked up to some Matrix-style machine, and he’s pleading to their robot overlords for them to be released.

I love how Sylvan implies that none of the members of the church are capable of leaving on their own, and even Mitt is under the terrible thumb of the church and can’t just walk away. Wait a minute, what about you—were you able to leave the church, Sylvan? Did someone have to send in a letter to City Weekly asking the prophet to release you from chains? Or did you change your name and just go into hiding?

I have no idea why the government doesn’t just march into Utah and free all the enslaved Mormons from this cultish coven—oh, that’s right, it’s because specific individuals made a choice to willingly join and participate in the church, and anyone who wants out simply has to walk away, including Mitt Romney. You’re a funny guy, Sylvan.

Kered Aoraba
Salt Lake City

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Posted // February 16,2012 at 08:05

Since it is more than likely that Mitt Romney has had the 2nd annointing he will never walk away from the church.  Using the term "prophet" invalidates your argument as you are a believer thru and through while trying to sound liberal and sophisticated. Why do Mormons always want to look like they fit in when they really don't or are you on the first stages of apostacy? Keep paying that 10% tax deductable membership fee Kered.


Posted // February 10,2012 at 09:49

It's been 12 years since I stopped believing and 3 since I pulled my membership. I have learned this one thing, if you are still angry and spouting bs like this guy, you are still under their thumb, voluntarily. If you don't learn to laugh again, why did you leave in the first place?