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Buy Local, Skip Vaccines

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // December 6,2011 -

I could not agree more with Josh Sturman’s letter “Stop Giving Them Your Money” [Nov. 24, City Weekly].

The only reason the rich have become rich is because we keep paying them. We must sacrifice our own modern comforts in order to stick it to that 1 percent. I believe that intense “local-only” purchasing patterns can skim the rich fat off the back of our nation. Buy local produce, clothing, anything you can get your hands on.

I disagree with George Chapman’s letter “Vaccines Are Not the Problem” [Nov. 24, City Weekly]. Don’t get me wrong, he makes some good points, but the evidence of my own life disproves those claims, at least as far as my family is concerned. My mother is against vaccines and so, growing up, my siblings and I never got vaccinated for anything. Instead, I was raised on organic foods, exercise and herbal remedies. My siblings and I have never gotten seriously ill; in fact, we laugh at our peers as they scramble to get vaccinated only to get sick every year like clockwork. My siblings and I don’t believe in regular doctor visits except for dire emergencies (we were all born in the home); we are stronger and healthier than everyone around us.

I don’t mind if people insist on taking vaccinations. I don’t mind if hospital workers are required to vaccinate (yes, it makes sense). I don’t mind if traveling Americans vaccinate before entering a foreign country. But I draw the line at myself and my kids. We will not be forced to vaccinate and become part of the coughing, weak-immuned, sickly American majority.

Argue all you want, but the proof is in the pudding. I am levels healthier than the vast majority, due to pure foods, activity and natural medicines, not because of hospitals or doctors or chemical vaccines.

Kered Aoraba
Salt Lake City

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Posted // January 11,2012 at 09:56

Just an update for January 2012: Trib front page article this week about how pertussis disease in small children, in this valley, has doubled in the past year or so because people like Kered aren't vaccinating.


Thanks, Kered, for your careful consideration of public health. I guess it's better to turn a once-defeated childhood disease like pertussis into a plague because you are afraid of. . .what? 


Posted // December 21,2011 at 08:20 You can thank the vast majority of parents who had the good sense, and social responsibility, to vaccinate their children that you and your siblings never had to suffer through any serious childhood desease. Had more parents acted on your mother's superstitious beliefs we would still have multitudes of crippled polio victims along with a millions of others suffering from deseases that are now irradicated. I'd like to invite you and your siblings to gather all your mother's best remedies, your snide and ill-informed attitudes, and plan a trip to the typhoid ward in Kolkata India. Let us all know how well that works out for you. In the meantime, try to educate yourselves on the facts concerning modern day medicine. 


Posted // December 16,2011 at 12:00 Hey, Kerad, be sure to eat lots of leafy, organic vegetables if you develop a cancer or serious infection some day. Of course, because you are immortal, that'll never happen, but when it does, you'll be covered with kale rather than anti-biotics and rhubarb rather than chemo or radiation. I was wondering: My friend has a kid with diabetes so ferocious that they had to install an insulin pump the week it was diagnosed last month. Probably a mistake, right?  What organic foods would you recommend he eats to replace that evil, old insulin from those pill-pushers at Merck?