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Vaccines Are Not the Problem

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // November 29,2011 -

Jerre Wroble recently had a column on the concern regarding requiring universal flu vaccination [“Crap Shot,” Nov. 10, City Weekly]. Recently, Rep. Michele Bachmann implied that the HPV vaccine is dangerous by relating the story of a mother who said that her daughter “suffered mental retardation because of the vaccine.”

Such comments and claims can deter vaccination programs that stop infection, sickness, mental retardation and death. Vaccines have freed most of the world from some of the world’s most horrific diseases.

Many studies have verified the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, but, as noted in the story, some people still say vaccines are dangerous. One argument is that thimerosal might cause autism. Despite studies to the contrary, it is still a widely held belief. But the big news is that thimerosal is not in most vaccines in the United States. It was used for long-term stability/shelf life in vaccines, but the United States phased it out.

The other concern is about adjuvants. Often used in combination vaccines, they perk up the immune system to react to the vaccine. They have been proven safe.

We often ingest particles that are foreign. A recent study found that when we eat with metal utensils, nanoparticles are ingested. If you have pets, you ingest their hair. And if you are near someone eating peanuts, you are ingesting some of their particles.

Concern about putting strange things in your body is the same argument made by vegans and many others. But being a vegan doesn’t affect anyone else negatively. Not getting vaccinated while working in the health-care industry can be deadly. Many people in hospitals and those needing home health care are susceptible to diseases that may not be a problem for most people. But when the very young, very old or very sick are exposed to the flu or any other disease, there is a significant risk of deadly complications. Diseases that may have minor impact on most people with a strong immune system can kill or permanently disable others. Most hospitals are now requiring employees to get flu shots due to the potential to infect patients. It just makes sense that anyone working with the sick should do no harm.

Recently, California experienced a deadly whooping-cough epidemic that resulted in requiring all middle and high school students to be vaccinated with a pertussis booster. Utah just experienced a measles outbreak that was caused by several members of a family not getting vaccinated before traveling overseas.

In Nigeria, statements were made that the polio vaccine might induce sterility and might also cause the disease (putting something foreign in a body). A governor suspended a polio-vaccination program, which led to an increase of polio cases and stopped the worldwide eradication of polio. This is an example of what will happen if unfounded and unscientific statements are used to raise objections to vaccination.

Vaccination for polio (and any other disease) doesn’t just inoculate a person against the disease; it also efficiently blocks transmission of the virus and protects others in a community. The oral polio vaccine eliminated polio in the United States without many of the outrageous claimed side effects.

A good example of how much of an effect vaccination can have on stopping disease is that within 15 years of approval of a chickenpox vaccine, deaths from chickenpox in the United States decreased from 105 per year to 14 per year.

False claims about vaccination are a personal issue with me. I contracted polio as a child, which had a significant impact on me and my family. Also, my uncle died of whooping cough as a child.

The best argument against false claims about vaccination problems are in the hospitals around the world, where disease victims go to try to be cured of paralysis from polio, organ failure from hepatitis, and mental retardation from measles and meningitis. It is hospitals where people who contract life-threatening pneumonia go to be cured. It is not an issue that should be optional for an individual who works in the health-care industry. Catching a life-threatening disease in a hospital that is supposed to treat disease is a travesty.

Reluctance to be vaccinated or have your child vaccinated affects many others. It’s almost like refusing to fight disease. The unvaccinated significantly increase the spread of disease, and they are a threat to those closest to them, their family and friends and anyone they work with. Vaccination stops the spread of disease. It significantly decreases U.S. health-care costs. It is a public-health issue and shouldn’t be used to try to make points in politics. Vaccines are less dangerous than politicians.

George Chapman
Salt Lake City

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Posted // December 8,2011 at 14:08 This will be my last word about this. Doctors and hospitals sometimes make mistakes. That doesn't mean that you should stop going to doctors and hospitals.


Posted // December 8,2011 at 12:51 I'm very new to the whole vaccine debate, as I've usually blindly accepted what the medical professionals told me. However, since my daughter had a serious adverse reaction to the HPV vaccine (yes, she's one of the minority for which it went badly), I've discovered just how hysterical the zealous pro-vaccine people are.
Bill, as you rightly point out, no medicine is 100% safe and people (children and adults) do have adverse reactions to vaccines - if they didn't, there would be no lawsuits or vaccine damage payment funds and the pharmaceutical companies would not shell out millions of pounds in damages, and vaccines would never be withdrawn from the market or have warnings not to be taken by certain groups of people.
What I am totally amazed at, is the amount of abuse and hysterical ranting directed at any parent who dares to speak out about their vaccine damaged child. What in heavens name do you suggest parents do - collect their damaged child from the hospital and go home to quietly make the most of their reduced quality of life!
My beef with it all is that parents are not warned about the side effects, the information is not provided for them to make an informed decision. Quite often the benefits genuinely do outweigh the risks and as a parent the benefit of protecting you child from polio or measles may outweigh the risk of your child having a reaction to vaccine. If your child subsequently goes on to have a reaction, you live with it because it was your decision, knowing the risks.
Problems arise when information is deliberately withheld from parents so they can't make that decision. Please don't insult the intelligence of readers by expecting them to believe that pharmaceutical companies are not driven by profits. They have shareholders to answer to and profit targets to acheive to stay solvent, so this has to be their primary concern. And do not suggest that murky dealings never happen, because pharmaceutical companies have been caught red-handed on many occasions, as with most other industries.
If a reasoned debate could be had, the good vaccines would triumph and bad vaccines would be exposed for what they are. We would then have a chance of getting effective and safe vaccinations for our children. Whilst ever people who speak out about vaccine damaged children are pilloried and abused, substandard vaccines will continue to do damage.


Posted // December 8,2011 at 14:59 - Carol, you have my sympathy. Unlike that monster Bill, I'm on your side and I too have a vaccine damaged child. Bill thinks his abusive rants are science, but they are merely symptoms of a troubled man. Carol you may be new to the issue, but you have a firm grip on the core issues, and your opinions have merit. Look at the new outbreaks of chicken pox and measles. These are a grass roots movement to take back parental rights to choose. Pharma, mainstream medicine and health agencies will be forced to rethink policies and respect these courageous parents. They have deciced that the status qou lies about vaccine safety is bogus, and in order to save their children, they will have to intervene. Autism was 1 in 10,000 20 years ago. In Britain its 1 in 64: USA 1 in 91: South Korea 1 in 38. All have high vaccination rates. Lets ask Bill and Geaorge to tell us why autism is a world wide phenomenon and not an isolated one. Many try the hocus-pocus of saying things in our environment cause it, but environments differ. They say its genetic and inherited, but has never in the history of man ever existed before. Geneticists who aren't paid by Pharma or their supporters will tell you genetic issues can't happen this fast, and there has never been a genetic epidemic. Ask these two to stop talking nonsense and answer these questions. They won't, they will go on a rant and fear mongering power trip.


Posted // December 7,2011 at 16:01 1- I am very involved in the autism educational system. We even had our preschool daughter help out in a class of autistic children that we were hoping to eventually mainstream into first grade. My daughter is a teacher who has taught autistic children. Bottom line we need to help with more early intervention for diagnosed autistic children. Autism is a brain structural issue. The brain of autistic individuals is structurally different from most so called normal people. Vaccines don’t change the brains structure! Again most diagnosed autistic individuals have brain structure differences. Vaccines and many other things like hormonal changes at any time in life can bring on the outward appearance of problems. Autism is not caused by vaccines.
2- Sabin and Salk (polio vaccine doctors) were competitors and at several times in their lives were at each others throats. The oral polio vaccines did cause very few polio cases. But given the choice between millions of kids in iron lungs and a couple of hundred with minor polio, it was the lesser of two evils. It would be nice if there was not any disease but……. Unfortunately comments like those mentioned were used in Nigeria to argue that polio vaccines cause polio and it stopped the eradication of polio. Now we have thousands of paralyzed individuals that are much worse off than if they had had the vaccine.
3- Put yourself in the place of the mother who was told that vaccines were bad and so she didn’t get her kid inoculated. And the kid got polio (or some other preventable disease) and she is left to care for a severally disabled child – the story goes downhill from there.
4- I empathize with all who have children who are sick or disabled but VACCINES STOP DISEASE.


Posted // December 8,2011 at 14:45 - Between George and Bill we have representation of the sheeple who can think independantly, or recognize there are some nasty people running Pharma companies. Tell us how Vioxx is a conspiracy. Tell us that companies like Merck are not constantly in litigation. Tell us how they are not found at fault over and over for faulty, fraudulent products. Oh, I forgot the blanket excuse "all medications have risks" Case closed, kill 55,000 and not one Merck employee, owner or CEO goes to prison? If thats not organized crime, organized crime has never existed.


Posted // December 8,2011 at 12:00 - Thank you, George, for remaining the calm adult in the room.

I get agitated with people who have no medical or real scientific background, whatsoever, claiming that medicine is a big, fake money-maker populated by 'pill-pushers' and marketing criminals.

The fact of the matter is that people who try to throw out a bunch of emotional, hyperbolic bumper sticker accusations are distracting from the real dangers of not vaccinating. And, perhaps worst of all, they are yelling for people to look at what they are pointing at (vaccines, in this case) and missing the real culprit like heavy metals like mercury in the dirt or water affecting a pregnancy.

Doctors, by and large, follow a golden rule and it's not in the Hippocratic Oath. They know that nothing is perfect, but they must weigh the benefits vs. the risk of treatment. As you asked, is it better to stop vaccinating against polio because a certain tiny percentage of patients will develop symptoms of polio? I know that to the parents of that tiny population, it means the world.

It will be medical science that trumps autism. It won't be fear of good practices; it won't be some uneducated ass suggesting cinnamon and honey paste cures; it won't be coming from the herbal-gerbils who still think Vitamin C and echinacea have curative powers over germs. It will come from Phamra and doctors and clinical trials and double-blind studies and research done by professionals who know how to conduct this science.


Posted // December 6,2011 at 13:38 "Diseases come in and reach a peak and then subside. In Europe
between 1940 and 1950 polio disappeared without any vaccination
"Jonas Salk, the
inventor of the IPV, injected polio vaccine, testified before a
Senate sub-committee that nearly all polio outbreaks since 1961 were
caused by the oral polio vaccine." -Courtesy of an article by Roger R. Gervais, D.C., N.D.


Posted // December 6,2011 at 15:29 - So since you are the Messiah why don't you solve all the world's problems?


Posted // December 6,2011 at 15:23 - "Unfortunately, Pharm has 90 or so percent of people brainwashed."

Sounds pretty scientific and credible to me, Roscoe. Isn't that kind of horseshit supposed to be disclaimed with,"Not intended to be a factual statement."

You and John Kyl.


Posted // December 6,2011 at 14:40 - Unfortunately, Pharm has 90 or so percent of people brainwashed. They are so pro-vaccine, they ignore serious side effects and claim that's the price you pay. Well I'm against babies "paying the price" and young parents spending the rest of their lives unhappy and raising a seriously disabled child. How anyone can think its fine to accept this regardless of how vaccines have appeared to prevent illness. Any product that maims and kills should get no such support.


Posted // December 5,2011 at 16:54 George, the fact the my daughter had a reaction to each jab was enough to convince me that the problem was the jab. She has been tested for everything under the sun, there's nothing left except the jab. But if that wasn't enough, I'm in touch with a mum with a daughter who is one of THREE girls in the same class who have the same symptoms as my daughter following their jabs. And there are hundreds of reports of girls with the SAME symptoms following their HPV vaccination. This is no coincidence and cannot be attributed to viruses/infections.
But even if this were not true, how many parents are aware that if their daughter already has one of the HPV strains that is in the Gardasil vaccine, their risk of getting cervical cancer is INCREASED by 44%. This is a vaccine that is supposed to stop girls getting cervical cancer. Do they test the girls first to see if they have HPV - no. Do they know if they are protecting against cervical cancer or increasing the risk of cervical cancer - no. Do they care - No.
We are not talking about the polio vaccine, we're taking about the HPV vaccine which has been fastracked through on very dubious and spurious 'evidence' and the girls who are suffering the adverse reactions are being cast aside. It's criminal.


Posted // December 8,2011 at 14:39 - What wrong Bill are your shares of Merck dwindling? Invest heavily in VIOUXX only to wittness it kill 55,000 americans alone? Merck MMR maker. This is what you are defending? Pathetic.


Posted // December 6,2011 at 15:31 - Sounds like you enjoy a good fight. So stick your head up your arse and fight for air.


Posted // December 6,2011 at 15:17 - Roscoe, like your factless silly science, you haven't proven one thing except that you are another ridiculous, garden-variety conspiracy nutcase. Completely devoid of science, data, history, links, references, research, education on epidemiology, genetics, environmental and physiological variance or just, plain, common sense. It's people like you who spread the nonesense and lies that feed the way the "other half' of society thinks. The half that fears education, intelligence, science, medicine, progressive problem solving and evolution, which, ironically, is proven with just a few generations of virus propagation in a lab.

Compared to the number of people you think have been harmed by secret conspiracies of the 'gummint,' Pharma, medicine and who knows who else you've twisted into your fear-fantasy-tapestry, not vaccinating has harmed and killed more in powers of 10.

Pharma has concocted some dangerous stuff over the years. Remember Thalidomide? It's still used today, in conjunction with another drug, to treat multiple cancers sucessfully. But if you administer it to a pregnant woman, you're going to pay hell for it. They did not know that before hand, no conspiracy Roscoe, but there is no doubt that Thalidomide will cause horrific birth defects and we all know it and no one uses or prescribes it to pregnant women.

If you've been paying attention the past 2 out of 17 years, with all your scholary, daily research into the subject, you know that the link between vaccinations and autism is a total bust and the only people who still believe it simply can't let go. Or they have a book to sell, like Jenny McCarthy's book I saw on a clearance table last week. You can buy another copy for a lot less than you paid for it originally because they've discovered that she's grieving. . .and wrong. In the case of an austism parent, I can understand it. In your case, it's willfull ingorance of real knowledge.

I'll bet you sell something, don't you Roscoe? Supplements? Herbal rememdies? 72 hour emergency kits?Books on natural healing? Multi-level horseshit like Usana or Xango? C'mon, Roscoe, come clean, man!


Posted // December 6,2011 at 14:47 - Thanks for proving me right again Bill. You seem quite adept at making an ass of yourself. C'mon, do it again!