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Coldest Beer Issue

Readers Poll Results

CW readers' beer habits revealed

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // July 20,2011 -

What’s your favorite out-of-state beer to bootleg into Utah?FatTire.jpg
Readers responded: This category was a blowout, with New Belgium Brewing out of Fort Collins, Colo., running away with it, largely on the strength of its Fat Tire amber ale. Many readers also mentioned beers from Oregon’s Rogue and Deschutes breweries, as well as road trips simply to get PBR in bottles instead of the Utah-available cans.

What’s your favorite Utah-made microbrew?
Readers responded: Our readers clearly like their local microbrews on the hoppy side, as Squatters’ Hop Rising double India Pale Ale ran away with it in this category. Or maybe the readers just love the 9 percent alcohol content of each bottle. The closest competitors were Squatters’ Full Suspension Pale Ale and Uinta Brewing Company’s Cutthroat Pale Ale.

What’s your favorite high-point beer you can buy at a Utah liquor store?HopRising_Squatters.jpg
Readers responded: Once again, our readers went hops-crazy and made Squatters’ Hop Rising the beer of choice at Utah liquor stores. Wasatch’s Devastator Double Bock came in second, so kudos for buying local. Other beers getting a significant number of votes included Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, Big Sky Brewing’s Moose Drool and Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale.

What’s your favorite Mexican beer?
Readers responded: Is this an upset? City Weekly readers gave Modelo Especial and Negra Modelo the thumbs-up over a close-second Dos Equis (the Most Interesting Man in the World has got to be so disappointed) and the lagging Corona.

What’s your favorite European beer?
Readers responded: In the closest vote from our readers’ survey, the light and crisp Stella Artois lager from Belgium beat out Ireland’s favorite stout, Guinness, by a single vote. Also getting a significant show of support were Czech pilsner Lion Lev and Britain’s Newcastle Brown Ale.

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Posted // July 20,2011 at 12:35 Want to learn all about your favorite Utah beers? Watch The DABC Show with Bill Frost on blip tv ... Our next episode goes behind the haystack at Squatters to show you how they do a special, sour beer! Watch The DABC Show on blip dot tv or on iTunes!


Posted // July 22,2011 at 10:15 - Out of all the choices available, Utahn's voted Stella, followed closely by Guinness, as their favorite Euro beer(s). I can't imagine Utahn's, in general, give a shit about sour beer. There's not one single interesting beer listed as a favorite above. But I'm really not surprised - this is Utah, where being dull and predictable is a way of life.