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Lagoon Zoo Pain

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // June 21,2011 -

I am writing this letter to inform the general public about a concern I have for the animals at the Lagoon amusement park outside of Salt Lake City.

I recently went there with my daughter and my boyfriend. There was not much of an attraction for the viewing of the animals. All these animals had was a ground cover of trampled dirt. They did have some shade. The kangaroo searched for a comfortable place to lie, as he/she appeared to be ill. It was obvious—no jumping and barely walking/hopping.

I recollect watching the Siberian tigers, and they appeared quite healthy and proud but they were looking seriously tired and unamused. Kind of ironic for an amusement park, don’t you think?

These animals do not belong in an amusement park for our entertainment. However, if you must, surely the amusement park can afford some grass and a better establishment in which they must be the objects of viewing pleasure. I am disgusted that these animals were allowed to be our entertainment for the Lagoon experience and very surprised, I might add!

I take my daughter to the Hogle Zoo to see the amazing animals and love it. The caretakers of these animals at the Hogle Zoo show a great respect for all the animals.

The Lagoon amusement park should not be permitted to hold these animals as an attraction.
I hope that I have done something for these tigers. I looked them in the eye and they me. They are astounding creatures we are fortunate enough to have on this earth with us, as well as the kangaroo, and others. I hope action is taken for their respect and admiration.

Entertainment is one thing. Viewing tigers in an amusement park where there are bells, signals, whistles, honks, screams and lights flashing does not constitute a sufficient environment for these animals.

Renee Globis

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Posted // July 31,2012 at 19:59

I recently visited lagoon. My kids age 20 and 17 had  not been on the train for some years. Me and my son went on, and I alone with my son was very upset to the treatment of these animals!!!! I want this to stop! Want the zoo closed down. I able working  on a patition or notification to animal protect agencies to remove these animals. .


Posted // November 2,2011 at 23:13 The smell alone is enough cause for alarm.. I have been there several times over the years and I hate seeing the animals. The habitats are small and lack any kind of grass or anything nice at all. I think it would be nice if instead of putting in a new ride over the next few years if they remodled the animal habitats!!


Posted // August 24,2011 at 18:35 I think any accusations against Lagoons system of keeping animals is usually Pre-emptive and based on little to no actual knowledge on any relevant subject matter pertaining to the accusation. Rather, some pre-obtained thought of what animals are supposed to act like leads to the addition of "oh, its an Amusement park" and the bottom line is developed that the animals are being mal-treated. Based on what I've read here, there is no need for concern.


Posted // November 3,2011 at 08:54 - What in the hell is "pre-obtained thought"? You're speaking beyond your vocabulary.

Perhaps you'd like to sit in a cement cage in the middle of an noisy amusement park for a few days and see how you feel?

The animals at Lagoon do look sick. I remember thinking this even as a kid. And they look bored. And it is very obvious that their enclosures are nothing more than a cage, with little to no thought for the animal held within.

If you know anything about keeping animals you know that, in order for them to be happy and healthy, they require a certain level of comfort, privacy (yes, they need to have a place to hide from the stupid humans), a good diet, and an enriched environment (look it up) to prevent boredom and maintain interest.

Lagoon provides for none of these things and I agree with Renee: Lagoon should not have these animals at all.


Posted // June 22,2011 at 13:59

I think that your assumptions that kangaroos hop every place they go is not right.

Do you full on run or even jog every place you go? Well neither do kangaroos.


Posted // April 30,2012 at 13:03 - A very sad place. The animals so NOT look healthy or well taken care of. So very sorry I went there. I was depressed after witnessing how sad the animals looked. I do not recommend any one to go to this so called 'zoo'.