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Caught on Canine Camera

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // May 10,2011 -

“In Your Face” [April 28, City Weekly] brings up valid points for both sides. I find the revenue-producing aspect for Cottonwood Heights interesting.

In the past, Old Mill Park, around the corner from the intersection of Fort Union and Wasatch Boulevard, had been a popular spot in the spring and summer for dog swimming. I’ve noticed signs are now posted that say “dogs must be on a leash even in the water.”

I realize this is not an official off-leash park, and it is city ordinance that dogs must be on a 6-foot leash at all times.

What I find interesting is there is even a camera in the parking lot that also surveys the area where most dog owners play fetch with their dogs. This is disappointing with not really having a great place on the south end of town for dogs to cool off.

There is a pedestrian path that goes along this same area. If dogs were harassing people on road bikes, it would be annoying. Ninety-five percent of the time, this is not the case. The city also has built a new bridge and stone wall, and it has regraded the entire area. I’m not sure that there is any interest in this. I did find the similarities between this and the development in your story a striking coincidence.

I must admit a Canyon Inn shuttle service would be an easy solution to the owners, bar patrons and police alike.

Emily Bischoff

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