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Not Another Penny

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // May 4,2011 - After reading this article [“In Your Face,” April 28, City Weekly], I feel the need to share my experience with Cottonwood Heights Police Department.

On April 27, I received a call from a friend who asked for a ride home because he didn’t think he was capable of driving. I arrived at the Canyon Inn and picked up my friend and started to leave. No sooner had I pulled out of the parking lot than I was cut off by a Cottonwood Heights Police truck.

When I questioned the officer as to why this was happening, he informed me that maybe I should find someplace else to drink. So that is now my motto: anywhere but Cottonwood Heights. That goes for anything that lands within the borders. I will not spend another penny of my money in a city where the police department and the mayor have their own agenda.

Michael Stant

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Posted // May 26,2011 at 18:02

This is outrageous..

I understand the reluctance to be harassed, to avoid confrontation with police, but what about the damage to the owner, the community, the neighborhood?

By caving in to the illegal Police action, you are doing exactly what was done by the German People who DIDNT BELIEVE JEWS were... worthy and should be exterminated.

We need to stand up...and confront the corruption and police action.. when it is WRONG !