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Minority Viewpoints

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // April 27,2011 - What opinions do you have that deviate from the norm?

Rachel Scott: I’d have to say that a “normal” viewpoint for a liberal (and believe me, I am a raging liberal) is that the death penalty should be abolished. But I am all for it, provided the crime is heinous and the person is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Jackie Briggs: I think hula-hooping at bars and other adult places is so stupid. In fact, any sort of “sexy hula-hooping” makes me want to throw up.  

John Paul Brophy: Baseball is the National Pastime.

Susan Kruithof: Evidently, being an atheist puts me in a pretty small percentage of the world at only 2.5 percent.  I can’t even imagine what tiny percentile I’d fall into for the state of Utah. Perhaps I need to start going door to door.

Kolbie Stonehocker: Bloody Marys are disgusting and Wristcutters is a terrible movie.

Scott Renshaw: I don’t believe in the existence of “evil.” And I’ve seen every Adam Sandler movie, so that’s saying something.

Nick Clark: I don’t like Zoolander or Prince. Totally unrelated except for the fact that I just can’t get into either of them.

Jesse Fruhwirth: The United States ceased to be a benevolent force in the world in the 1890s when it squashed Aguinaldo and the Philippene independence movement in pursuit of empire.

Wally Greenwell: I think eternal life would suck after a while.
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Posted // April 27,2011 at 14:14

That recycling newspaper is utter bullshit.

Coincidentally, I learned that from Penn & Teller's most excellent show,"Bullshit!"

Lesson: Paper is made from trees grown specifically to produce. . .paper. You can't print 300 dpi, glossy, full-color images on paper made from pine trees or oak trees or old growth forests. It's the wrong kind of fiber. Same with newsprint. Trees grown for paper are farmed, culled, replanted, culled, replanted, etc. on a farm, just like corn. The ecological damage comes from you driving to the recycling bin in your car that burns non-renewable fossil fuels and from the horrific diesel trucks that drive all over town picking up your recycled paper. At the recycling plant, minimum wage workers sort and process incoming paper while a single figurehead or "plant manager" goes around town at $50,000 a year appearing on news shows and community affairs programs encouraging people to recycle and touting what great humans they are saving trees! The carbon footprint of the operation is HUGE, requires fuel, electricity, chemicals to wash-out printing ink, steam/dry heat output into the air.

So, the next time you finish a paper, THROW IT AWAY! You'll plant more trees that way.