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They're Making Bank Off of Us

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // March 15,2011 -

I find myself on SSI Disability trying to make it with a small monthly check and $40 in food stamps a month.

This economy is so bad that I have seen the high prices for food skyrocketing. I want to get the word out. Some retailers are using these times to make serious bank off of us.

With this terrible economy, I have to watch every penny. I noticed in late 2010, the price of sugar went up from $2.89 to $4.16 a bag, with no explanation.

Also, a broiler chicken is now $7.56 at Walmart. I was raised on a farm; I know how much it costs to raise a chicken. At Walmart, I saw only $7 chicken broilers put out, and I asked the girl in the meat department what happened to the $3 chickens they had last month. I asked if she could look in the back for a $3 broiler in the freezer. She went back and came right out with a $3 broiler! I feel Walmart is using these hard times to make a windfall. I also noticed a red bell pepper was $4. Why don’t they just reach in and steal the money out of our wallets?

Given the economy and the unemployment rates right now, I’m sure it’s nationwide. Because of this, I’m sure there are more old ladies now having to eat cat food!

Ariana A. Losco

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Posted // March 28,2011 at 15:26

The part about the hidden $3 broilers was vaguely disturbing. If, in fact, these chicken never appear in the meat display then there's a problem.

What I find more disturbing is the implication that it's Walmart's fault that old ladies are eating cat food. It's not Walmart's fault that you're on SSI disability or that you're in a position to require food stamps. It's YOUR responsibility to shop wisely and look for the best deals. We all need to do that.

I'm wondering why you're still shopping at Walmart if you think they're the great evil. Quit squawking and go to another grocer.