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Your Slant Is Showing

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // February 2,2011 - I couldn’t have asked for a more dignified honor than to have my picture share the cover with Ida Smith’s [“Sealed Fate,” Jan. 27, City Weekly]. Only those who personally know Ida would understand how and why I feel this way. The ironic significance of the placement of our pictures, side by side, will one day stand as the greatest single testimony of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder ever given. She is a very strong and brave woman for allowing City Weekly to interview her and publish the story.

I applaud City Weekly for its attempt to present its readers with something that might be of interest to them. I cannot, however, in good conscience claim that the article is a fair representation of the real truth. It is wittingly slanted with an adroit journalistic touch in an effort to provide its readers with yet another example of what can and should be viewed as religious extremism—another man claiming to be a prophet associated with Mormonism.

To begin the article by presenting “the sealed portion of The Book of Mormon” as being “fabled” sets its intellectual tone. Why would anyone be interested in a “fable”? The interest is gained, however, from the implication that The Book of Mormon itself is a “fable,” because this book (which was the unsealed part of the “fabled” gold plates) is largely responsible for the deep-seated belief system of one of the wealthiest and most powerful churches in the world—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon). The LDS Church’s influence in business and politics is well-known and documented. Therefore, the implication that those with such power are capable of being deceived by a “fable” should definitely interest and concern City Weekly’s readers.

If Ida Smith and Julie Taggart are my followers, then so is Stephen Dark—the City Weekly reporter who wrote the story. The former followed my work and believe its claims to be true, while the latter followed my work and does not. Regardless, they all follow what I have done and am doing. I did not seek out Smith, Taggart or anyone else and convince them to follow me. They found the Marvelous Work and a Wonder (the work) on their own. What became of their lives because of their personal choices is their, not my, responsibility. There is no church, religion or group that I lead or instruct, nor any missionary effort associated with this work. The purpose of the work is to disseminate information.

I personally contacted City Weekly and asked it to investigate what occurred in Ida Smith’s life as a result of her finding and embracing this work, knowing full well that I would be presented and blamed as a con man, deceiver, liar and manipulator. I was willing to take that chance for the sake of millions of LDS people who have no clue that the sealed part of the gold plates has been translated. I know the power of this work, and especially the convincing power of The Sealed Portion in changing one’s religious beliefs, just as The Book of Mormon was/is responsible for changing millions of people’s beliefs throughout its nearly 200 year history.

Throughout the article, there are innuendos that support City Weekly’s journalistic slant. I have no interest in addressing each one. If the reader accepts as his or her truth that The Book of Mormon is a fable, then nothing about The Sealed Portion or my personal integrity is going to change one’s mind.

I can only make a plea to the intelligence of readers and impress upon their minds the importance of objective and open-minded thinking. If the story is of any interest, then honest intelligence demands one consider why he or she is reading City Weekly in the first place.

Ida Smith knew nothing about me when she read The Sealed Portion. And when her concerned family and friends confronted her with my “checkered past”—the court documents, criminal complaints and everything else this story alludes to, most of which is slanted with purposeful innuendo—she was not bothered in the least. She read the books.

Kudos to City Weekly for publishing the story and bringing to the public’s attention what many did not know existed. As for what the public thinks about me, I am what I am, and that will be determined by the intelligence, or not, of each reader.

Christopher Nemelka
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Posted // February 4,2011 at 08:33

There is order to the Priesthood otherwise things like this happen.

I was slightly interested to read the books until I read the introduction which he says he will "council" the church which is "extreme[ly] worldly and materialistic [in] nature and standing". He also says he will continue as a "lowly member of the Church".

What kind of person says these things? Not a prophet of the Most High.

If the LDS church is not true, which I know it is, then it is by far the best option we have. I would never follow this person anywhere.


Posted // February 4,2011 at 17:36 - Well, I think it more to be the rock of revelation. I made a promise years ago to God that I would never stop asking questions and trying to learn. And he has ALWAYS taught me the truth of things through the Holy Ghost. So I don't believe I have sandy foundation... I haven't had anything negate the basis of my testimony and I don't think I will. But I made a promise to always learn something more and something new and to be honest in the way I do it. So... when presented with something I don't know, I ask the Lord what it is! The dude below that said something about a fallen god, and Nemelka, and Spaulding, and Eden Smith, and anything or anyone that says something about my religion that I don't know, they make me ask questions because I want to know the answer! I hate ignorance! It's appalling to me! My most intriguing conversations I've had with anyone has been with the numerous apostates to the LDS Church! I love talking to them! And in most cases, I am able to determine (and usually confirm with them) the very reasons they leave the LDS faith. I take these reasons and I find the answers the Lord reveals to me and I learn from it. Chris Nemelka strengthened my testimony of the Church. Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon in a few weeks. The book Nemelka did hasn't held much water in my reading, and I wonder how long he took to pen it all... I'm willing to bet it was a long time. I also received a lot of guidance in my fasting and praying this past week. I keep learning so much! It's so great! So really, props to Nemelka, you take the cream of the crop of all the case studies I've had of apostates and things they do. You are remarkable in this sense. Your claim is so individualistic it's making my journals. lol Thanks for helping me learn so much more. I can't wait to give my report in a few weeks. :) Josh


Posted // February 4,2011 at 11:39 - Your foundations must be built on very sandy soil indeed!


Posted // February 4,2011 at 09:43 - Patrick, I have been considering all of this. Frankly, I find it to be all quite contrary to the order that a loving Heavenly Father would have on the Earth. I read in his explanation of how he got the plates that the leadership of the church were good men doing the best with what they had, but the Holy Spirit did not direct the affairs of the Church. This was the first (and probably final) jawbreaker on the whole idea. I have served in leadership responsibilities in the Church withing the past few months. I have received much instruction by the Holy Ghost while serving in that capacity. I know it with all of my being that the Spirit has taught me and lead me in my callings in this church. If I were to accept this book by Chris, then I would be negating all of the influence the Holy Spirit has had on me in the past. I think that would mark me as apostate in temporal and eternal terms. I know I would be held accountable for what I walked away from... God himself. I know this Church is true... because I am part of it. It's been revealing to judge the very entity one is part of. And also, I'm looking in from the inside. I know it's true. I have been taught that it's true from my Heavenly Father. So on account of personal experience with the Spirit, I am discrediting those claims made by Mr. Nemelka. Josh


Posted // February 3,2011 at 11:04

Well Chris,

I must admit that I was completely oblivious to your work until I read the article ran by City Weekly on the 27th of January. So yes, kudos.

I was led to your online copy of the "Sealed Portion" and downloaded it immediately. I find it very interesting in my studies. I do attend BYU and am taking a strong Book of Mormon class.

I have formed quite a few personal opinions about the book thus far. And I must say that this is probably the most open-minded I have ever been about religious books outside of the LDS church. I did take time to read parts of the Quran, a few Jehovah's Witnesses books, and even the Testimonies of the Church by Ellen G. White. However, your book has taken the cream of the crop on what it claims. I still read the Book of Mormon daily and I have a testimony of it. I read all of the Bible, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great price daily also. However, I know the Book of Mormon to be true. I recognize it's purpose clearly amongst all of the pages. It's intention is to invite all to follow Christ.

So I've decided to write my research project for my Book of Mormon class about your book and comparing it to the Book of Mormon.It should be quite rewarding and.... revealing.

However, my dad and my professors all raise a warning voice. I don't blame them frankly. I am reading the Sealed Portion, and I am finding a lot of alarming messages inside of it. Although I do give props for the authorship, I do not think it will hold much water. But God being my witness, I will read and study it and compare it with the Holy Ghost.

I do not think it fair that I asked people on my mission to study the Book of Mormon and to pray about it (running the very good risk of changing religion), and then to throw my hands in the air whenever I see things that I could read and pray about. That would be a most damning thing to do.

I'm not going to say that I will believe it, and I won't say that I wont. Frankly I trust what the Lord says in D&C 91 about the subject of other scripture. And there could be many true things mingled with the interpolations of your hands.

Either way, I'll let God be the Judge.



Posted // February 3,2011 at 10:45

No Christopher - what and who you are is determined solely by you- and known clearly to the Creator.