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No Love for Loiterers

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // January 11,2011 -

I have a message for all the homeless people who like to hang out and loiter at the Salt Lake City Main Library downtown and at the Burger King across the street on the corner of 400 South and 200 East [“Vagabond Primer Needed,” Letters, Jan. 6, City Weekly]: Please respect one another.

I don’t like having a homeless person aggressively approach me on the sidewalk in front of the Burger King and make me feel uncomfortable. Also, I don’t like being cursed at, touched or grabbed. Leave me alone! It’s really that simple.

Why can’t Burger King hire a uniformed Salt Lake City Police officer to do security at that place, like they do at Carl’s Jr. a couple blocks west? It would be really helpful to create a safer environment for diners and restaurant staff alike, and to help cut back on the riffraff.

If you just want to loiter and cause problems at Burger King—doing nothing but sitting around all day long, starting fights, cursing at one another and creating a hostile, intimidating environment for us paying customers—then you can get the hell out.

Jordan Taggart
Salt Lake City

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Posted // January 25,2011 at 16:21

There but for the "grace of God" and the Social Security Benefits you receive, my aspergers son Jordie, go you.

This is why we need the plan found at then click on the icon "end poverty".

There is a plan that will fix the mess we're in but we must first stop judging each other and realize that we are ALL deserving of basic necessities. We are after all HUMAN BEINGS.

They are going to feed the deer for free, but those deer don't have papers or documents, they don't pay taxes, they cause mayhem fighting over females, they stink, they sleep around without a marriage contract and we don't know if they are gay or not,

I'll not have my tax dollars take care of the deer...that's SOCIALISM.


Posted // January 11,2011 at 17:37

Hey, I think I might have been the bum that pissed you off. If not, I'm sure I've pissed someone off, somewhere, once or twice. The hell of it is I care deeply about how other folks see me & what they think about me. I just don't have convenient access to the resources that might help me help you not be offended by me. Of course I can shower (but not bathe) any time I want to....

Actually...screw the sarcasm. Check out some of my reality instead: Did you realize that THERE IS NO PLACE FOR ME TO SIMPLY OCCUPY THE SPACE I OCCUPY. If I'm not a customer, then I'm a loiterer. No one wants a bum hanging out in their neighborhood or at their business or, apparently, even at the local library or fast food joint. There are precious few places around town where me and my ilk are tollerated, and fewer still where we're welcome. There are plenty of places where we are generally prohibited from, and many of us are even specifically banned ("86-ed") from various locations where we've worn out our "welcome".

Damn! The library is closing, so I don't have time to finish this comment....


Posted // January 20,2011 at 14:37 - I agree 100% with Mr. Taggart.


Posted // January 12,2011 at 15:27 - Ok, stay then. Just stop being hostile.