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The Mighty & Wrong

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // December 28,2010 -

Really! You allowed “The One Mighty and Strong” [Dec. 2, City Weekly] to be published?

City Weekly should be embarrassed by the above-referenced article. Is religious hate tolerated by City Weekly’s editors and management?

Not only is the article almost complete fiction (it is hard to find something factual in the entire article), but the author, Scott Carrier, obviously intended to insult the majority of our local communities.

Obviously, Carrier has little to no knowledge of Mormonism (though he obviously holds a grudge for some reason)—and even less perspective or knowledge about other religions and cultures. Carrier’s lenses on life in his community are skewed and tainted (not to mention sad).

For the record, a little more research about the subjects chosen and little less bias may result in a few more readers.

B. Lamont Dorrity

Heber City

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Posted // January 2,2011 at 15:13

Mr. B. Lamont Dorrity, I just finished reading Mr. Carrier's article and I don't see any religious hate or intolerance or any bias on the part of Mr. Carrier. You have proven exactly what it is that you are trying to disprove, that the mind of the religious is skewed. Joseph Smith said that God told him that all the other religions were false and that he was to restore the truth. That in it's own words make you (Mormons) the intolerant ones. Only you are right and everyone else is wrong. All you have done is attack Mr. Carrier for telling the story without any backup on your part. What exactly is not factual in the article? Is it the part about Ms. Smart and her ordeal? Or is it the part about the history of Mormonism? I have studied the history of Mormonism extensively and from other points of view other than the view the church wants you to take. Mr. Carrier appears to have done the same. He is quite accurate in his article. You may be aware of a study recently done saying that atheists know more about religion than people of religion. This may be why they are atheists. Just sayin'.

Allen Schrenk

Salt Lake City