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Jumping Through Your Hoops

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // December 14,2010 -

Off the top of my head, I know five people who are unemployed, and all of my friends and family are stuck in dead-end jobs because of this economy. I myself am in the medical field and am trying to get through nursing school. I have been filling out application after application for various medical positions.

I went to an interview at a local hospital. I showed up 10 minutes early, as I do with all my interviews. I sat there for an hour, polite and patient. Maybe they had other appointments, maybe they had a person in an interview who wanted to talk a lot. Other candidates went ahead of me, one by one. After I was the only one sitting in the lobby, three people walked out of their offices, looking as if they were ready to leave for the day. They whispered to each other, “Is she here for an interview, who is she?”

One walked over to me and asked if I were waiting for an interview. I said, “Yes, I spoke to a representative of your office, and she scheduled me for 10:15 a.m. interview.” She went back to her posse, and they were talking. I heard them say, “Oh, shoot, she is? Really? I don’t think I saw her on the schedule.” Then I saw the lady point out my name on a schedule right in front of me.

They asked me if I still wanted an interview and pulled me back and acted like I was putting them out. The woman kept staring at the clock repeatedly throughout my interview. I left a “Thank you for your time and letting me have an interview with you” card with the secretary.

The other company I had been trying to get on with has never called me back to tell me they chose someone else.

I know that there are plenty of other people who feel the same way I do: “Why are employers such assholes?” I know that they see a lot of people apply for their positions, but is there no way they could be more friendly? More professional?

I understand that the world is rough, especially with this economy. It’s very competitive to find a decent job. I have jumped through hoops. I have called these companies and walked around the mall filling out applications. I have gone to places I would never want to find myself working at and still no phone calls. Even if they find someone else for the job, why can’t employers be more considerate and write?

Sarah Butler

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Posted // December 14,2010 at 08:35

With the human animal, common thoughtfulness is like common sense - it's not really all that common.

Keep doing things the way you do them. You're on the right track and you're probably much more pleasant a person than those you refer to in your letter.

Ever consider taking your future nursing degree to other countries for some adventurous employment?


Posted // December 15,2010 at 16:02 - Four feet, Mamba? That's some serious hose!


Posted // December 15,2010 at 13:35 - Seriously, I would love to have 10 minutes and 4 feet of garden hose with most people who are hiring these days. To not call or at least email an applicant back, thanking them for their interest and their time to come in an apply even though you hired someone else is just evil parading as business as usual. It's unprofessional and leaves a bad taste in people'mouths for your product, service or institution. Jesus would cut off your jayboes, throw 'em into a grain elevator and fly a crop duster into it. Shame on all you who abuse, manipulate and otherwise treat job applicants like complete and utter throw-aways. And Hayduke is correct, Sarah. You have it figured out and should go with it. Get away from these people and find a job in a company run by humans, for humans. I mean, even at the U of U, they will not hire you unless you either already work there or have a friend or relative giving you inside info. They'll send you a nice rejection email, but what they should really be telling you is that even though you are incredibly qualified to work one of their brain-dead jobs, you don't have a chance in Hell of even getting interviewed unless you already work there or have a friend or relative telling you who to call. Ten minutes and four feet of garden hose, that's all I ask.