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Nice Tats

January 28, 2010: Dave Roach

By City Weekly Readers
Posted // January 27,2010 - "My whole life has been garnished with custom cars, art and motorcycles. This piece represents facets of all of those."

—Dave Roach, Salt Lake City

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Posted // March 25,2010 at 21:58

Motorcycle tank. Wow. This is way too big for its simplicity. More details if you going to go big. Cars or not. Fugly


Posted // March 26,2010 at 08:50 - you obviously have no appreciation for cars or bikes. This thing is Bad ass. I have this nearly identicle design on my 07 Pnotiac GTO and will have one on my Vulcan 500


Posted // March 25,2010 at 21:47

Either an Eagles cover album or a Native American design minus the feathers. Not a fan for how big it is. I expec to see that hanging from a NASCAR fans rear view mirror


Posted // March 26,2010 at 19:41 - I see it. The spacing is off and the points are good on one side and bad on others. The Top is in the center and the bottom at point is off center. FUBAR


Posted // March 26,2010 at 19:36 - learn how to spell (because). I like the colors hate the design. Too basic and the symmetry is off a half an inch or so. I would kill someone for screwing up that big of a tat. The Eye brow is pointed on the right and the left is rounded at the point. It took balls to do it but man you lost.


Posted // March 26,2010 at 19:27 - It looks more like a Chrome Daddies album cover. Must have been drunk becasue they suck.