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Trent Call

Through April

By Cara Despain
Posted // April 1,2009 -

Trent Call is at it again, with the usual fun components: brights, patterns, explosions and nice juicy lines. This time, in particular, the venue—FICE Gallery and Urban Boutique—seems to be the perfect fit. Pro snowboarder Laura Hadar, owner of FICE, has been consistently drawing a young, hip, motley crew since the boutique’s opening last year, and the newfangled fashionistas seem to have something in common aesthetically with Call’s work.

Electric patterns, a neon-meets-pastel palette, graphic panoramas, and spray paint portraits are all part of Call’s repertoire. They share a playful, youthful, mix-tape visual kinship with the skate/snow/hipster/urban fashion and it’s byproducts. They both sure involve a helluva lot of stickers!

But of course, Call’s signature style has been refined and defined through his many prolific years as one of Salt Lake City’s favorite artists, and it sets him apart from the crowd. This is yet another small and delightful show.?

Trent Call @ FICE, 160 E. 200 South, 801-365-4722 through April.

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