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Camera Vivant

Through March 4 @ Central Utah Art Center

By Cara Despain
Posted // February 24,2011 -

Curated by AD Projects (a NYC-based independent collective of curators), and presented by the Central Utah Art Center, this group show is one of the more challenging works in a Utah institution. Ever.

That mostly has to do with the fact that showing “explicit” art i.e. works with nudity—especially where video, photography or performance is concerned—is risky for most institutions. That the ice is being broken not in our state’s capital, but in Ephraim, is pretty amazing.

The exhibition, aiming to reveal a distinction between using a camera as a documentation device and using it to shape a performative act, highlights eight contemporary artists working in new media. Yes, there are two videos that contain nudity—they’re tastefully arranged so that viewers are warned and can choose to watch—and address gender, narcissism and the medium of film in an adult way. And they are important. But the rest of the show is also interesting and thoughtfully composed. Worth the risk, worth the trip.

Camera Vivant @ Central Utah Art Center, 86 N. Main, Ephraim, 801-214-8278, Feb. 11-March 4.

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