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Music | Local CD Revue: Monorchist, Ghostowne, I Am The

By Dominique LaJeunesse
Posted // August 27,2008 -

Monorchist DQ’D width=74
DQ’D’s cover features a nice-looking gentleman placing his hand oh-so-kindly up a dog’s—well, if you have a good imagination, you get the picture. Inside, the band invites listeners to fill out a form, entering pets into an obscure dog show of sorts for a mere $5. The album itself is straight up simple punk- and garage rock with a fiery feminine touch, courtesy of Kourtney Farnsworth, whose delivery clearly does not “play well with others.” Singer Kourtney Farnsworth almost has too good of a voice, but the fact that the instruments are a bit dirty and imperfect actually help balance the Monorchist sound.

Ghostowne Dust ‘n Bones width=74
“Dust ‘n Bones,” the first track off Bones [disclosure: City Weekly’s Steven Wells fronts Ghostowne], had me thinking it’d be the perfect song for an episode of Deadwood, but then it quickly shifted over to “The Workin’ Man Blues,” a number whose vocals are somewhere between Bret Michaels and Kid Rock. Then the album takes a sharp turn down twangy road with “Raise Some Hell” before crisscrossing an eclectic mix of dirty rock & roll, country, blues and rockabilly that would make for good drinking and dancing times at the bar.

I Am The H.M.S. width=74
Bring your headbanging and devil’s horns out of the closet. The band formerly known as Almost Undone is back with a new album, a new male singer (replacing the former female lead) and a name change that leaves much to the imagination. Opening track “IO” starts out quietly with psychedelic overtones building anticipation before immediately segueing over to “Two Cities,” a heavy, Tool-esque number. The slow stoner-rock element paired with larger-than-life guitar and drums bordering almost on the edge of metal paired with on-key screaming vocals that can successfully hit the notes the singer is looking for brings it all home. H.M.S. is an excellent shift in tone for these rockers.

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Posted // August 27,2008 at 15:47 The nice gentleman isn’t putting his hand up the dog’s a** on Monarchist’s new album-- I’ve discovered there is a deeper (hilarious) meaning. For a punk band, a lot of thought went into this album concept. The dog show entry form should be a good clue, which also ties into the title. The jokes are great if you get them--but it doesn’t seem like the reviewer picked them up.