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DVD Reviews

Andy Barker, The Echo, Nash Bridges, Spread, The Ugly Truth

New DVD releases Tuesday, Nov. 10

By Bill Frost
Posted // November 4,2009 -
TrueTV.DVD.AndyBarker.jpg Andy Barker PI: The Complete Series
A luckless accountant (Andy Richter) inadvertently becomes a private eye after moving into an investigator’s old office. Any similarities to HBO’s Bored to Death are purely coincidental, as Bored wasn’t canceled four weeks in.
TrueTV.DVD.Echo.jpg The Echo
An ex-con (Jesse Bradford) gets out of prison and moves into his dead mother’s apartment; creepiness and ancient curses ensue. Based on a Korean flick of the same name—well, Sigaw, which sounds even less scary than The Echo.
TrueTV.DVD.NashBridges.jpg Nash Bridges: Season 3
The critically acclaimed third season of the Don Johnson/Cheech Marin cop drama, with Kelly Hu, Willie Nelson, Geraldo Rivera, Robert Rodriguez and “death-metal rockers”! OK, “critically acclaimed” is a stretch …
TrueTV.DVD.Spread.jpg Spread
A Hollywood man-‘ho (Ashton Kutcher) romances older rich women (like Anne Heche, not Demi Moore) to support his lavish lifestyle, but falls in love with broke waitress. The twist? She’s a ‘ho, too! Oh, young ‘ho love.
TrueTV.DVD.UglyTruth.jpg The Ugly Truth
A busy TV producer (Katherine Heigl) needs romance lessons, so her boss hires Ashton Kutcher, er, Gerard Butler, to show her how to be less of a total bitch, like that actress from Grey’s Anatomy. Based on 437 previous rom-coms.


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