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The Ocho

Dave Matthews Band Encore Songs

By Bill Frost
Posted // August 26,2009 -

Eight expected encore songs from the Dave Matthews Band at Usana Amphitheater on Tuesday, Sept. 1:

8. The one where Dave mumbles something about “groovin’.”

7. The one with the succinct 38-minute violin solo.

6. The one from the new CD that’s shimmed under the leg of your futon back at the dorm.

5. The one from the 14 live albums and 27 bootlegs you’ve bought—and it sounds exactly the same!

4. The one you could have sworn was a Spin Doctors tune.

3. The one you could have sworn was a Blues Traveler tune.

2. The one with the awesome drum solo that you wrote a kick-ass thesis on last semester—and still got a D!

1. The one where Dave strums his guitar and hits almost all of the strings.

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