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17 Again, 90210, Art of War 3, I Love You Man, Last Resort

New DVD Releases Aug. 11

By Bill Frost
Posted // August 5,2009 -

17 Again
A corporate loser (Matthew Perry) is transformed to the age of 17 (Zac Efron), as we all learn a lesson of appreciating what you have and/or not nailing dozens of hot teenage cheerleaders because you’re Zac freakin’ Efron.
TrueTV.DVD.90210.jpg 90210: Season 1
Also known as Gossip Girl West: The CW’s sequel to the ’90s Fox series, featuring teens even more decadent and dumber than the original Beverly Hills crew—most of whom show up here, too, because a job is a job. Right, Shannon?
TrueTV.DVD.ArtOfWar.jpg The Art of War 3: Retribution
There was an Art of War 2? Naughty By Nature’s Treach (!) stars as a secret agent out to stop North Korean terrorists from nuking a U.N. peace summit, only to be sidetracked by a Playboy model (Sung Hi Lee). Sure, happens all the time.
ILoveYouMan.jpg I Love You, Man
An engaged realtor (Paul Rudd) realizes that he has no male pals to be his best man, so he begins “dating” potential men friends and meets a free-spirited Rush fanatic (Jason Segal); wackiness and progrock noodling ensue.
TrueTV.DVD.LastResort.jpg The Last Resort
A bachelorette weekend in Mexico turns into a nightmare for a group of bikiniclad women who become trapped in an evil resort—the “last resort,” of course, because no one’s ever used that title for a horror movie before.

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