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The Ocho

Library Square Cop Shop Edition

By Bill Frost
Posted // May 27,2009 -

Eight ways Mayor Ralph Becker plans to sweeten the deal of a new cop shop on Library Square:

8. "We'll name it Rocky Anderson Memorial Square ... as soon as that pain-in-the-ass dies, already."

7. "It´ll have a Trader Joe's!"

6. "And a State Liquor Store! Because the Trader Joe's won't have booze."

5. "You´ll still have open space at City Creek Center—there'll just be a dress code."

4. "Look, this is where Batman, er, Bruce Wayne, wants it, OK?"

3. "The carbon footprint will be minimal. As far as you know."

2. "Just think of it as affordable housing for drunks, dealers and drifters."

1. "Hey, it's not like we have any other vacant lots or buildings downtown."

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Posted // June 1,2009 at 11:48

Becker pisses me off, man. I mean, I voted for that guy and find that I wish I hadn't. He's a lame duck, for the most part, not delivering on promises he made during his campaign. But when he's not sitting on his butt, he's promoting junk like this, stating that a nice little "civic" compound will look real good situated on Library Square. Nothing like a convenient office building to, "pay your speeding tickets", as was promoted on a recent radio interview, to make Library Square the cool place to be. Good idea there, morons. Like there's no place else to build this thing in SLC.

Yo, Becker. Instead of pushing for your little broadway theatre and this piece of crap civic building sure to ruin Library Square's unique ambiance, why not deal with the traffic lights, like you said you would? We need a new system, with new software, capable of alleviating the crippling, block to block red light situation we have here in SLC. Takes me 15 minutes to get from Liberty Park to down town. That's just over 2 miles in fifteen minutes. Rediculous. Fix that and live in glory forever - do what you're doing now and leave your office under a cloud of shame. Your choice.

I won't be voting for you again, either way, because I don't trust you anymore, but it'd be nice if you could do something good and useful for SLC.