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The Ocho

Star Trek Complaints

By Bill Frost
Posted // May 13,2009 -

Eight complaints about the new Star Trek movie overheard outside of the local megaplex:

8. "Why didn´t anybody baptize planet Vulcan for the dead?"

7. "Not one musical number at Starfleet Academy. Not! One!"

6. "Why do the Romulans look like a gang from Rose Park?"

5. "I hope we´re not still listening to the Beastie Boys in the 23rd century."

4. "Why couldn´t Kirk just go out with a nice white girl?"

3. "I can´t give you an opinion until Sean Hannity tells me what to think, sorry."

2. "So when do they rebuild the Death Star? In the next movie?"

1. "Spock and Satan: Both have pointy ears and ´science.´ Think of the children!"

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