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Battlestar Galactica

Plus: Head Case, Big Love, Flight of the Conchords and The Bad Girls Club.

By Bill Frost
Posted // March 18,2009 -

Battlestar Galactica Friday, March 20 (Sci-Fi) Series Finale: At least it’ll be spared the embarrassment of the coming “SyFy” channel rebranding (no, really). Battlestar Galactica has always been more of a ballsy social/political drama than a science-fiction show, one that’ll either be taken as seriously as it deserves to be post-demise, or just sink into obscurity between Stargate reruns—a fate worse than death, or Farscape. BSG’s potential We Found Earth! happy ending was crushed earlier this season, the good ship Galactica is falling apart faster than the remaining humans’ and Cylons’ morale, and the hunger for answers (Who/what is Starbuck? Is Hera the savior of mankind? How is the bar replenishing the booze supplies?) has given way with some fans to “Damn, just blow ’em all up and put ’em out of their misery.” Could happen.

Head Case Friday, March 20 (Starz) Season Premiere: Starz didn’t exactly set the semipremium-cable world on fire with its dramatic series Crash, and the new Hollywood-caterer comedy Party Down (debuting tonight) looks like an E! reject—which isn’t even possible, because E! doesn’t reject anything. Prior to that, however, is the third-season premiere of Starz’s under-the-radar (I know: Starz, under-the-radar, redundant) gem Head Case, a mostly improvised half-hour starring Alexandra Wentworth as a psychiatrist to the stars (Janeane Garofalo and Tori Spelling in this episode; Jerry Seinfeld, Hugh Hefner and more coming up—that’s more actual stars than Dancing With the Stars) who isn’t all that stable herself. Beats the hell out of HBO’s In Treatment.

Big Love Sunday, March 22 (HBO) Season Finale: The LDS church survived last week’s (very reverential, BTW) depiction of a “secret” temple endowment ceremony; HBO fared just fine with a few million bucks worth of free “negative” publicity from said church; after three seasons, still no one gets that the Henricksons aren’t supposed to represent “mainstream” Mormons. Big Love has nearly sealed (ha!) its bid as a worthy successor to The Sopranos, with enough intricate family drama and edge-of-the-law tension in this shortened 10-episode season alone to prove that Bill is every bit the power player Tony was—just with a higher calling and/ or sperm count. The Only TV Column That Matters™ hasn’t yet seen the season finale, but predicts that bug-eyed teen daughter Sarah has finally had enough of plyg life and will split Utah. If the show’s researchers are really as good as they seem, she’ll end up in Portland …

Flight of the Conchords Sunday, March 22 (HBO) Season Finale: Apparently, making no money as Kiwi musicians in New York City has finally caught up with Bret and Jemaine: They’ve been evicted from their apartment and have to move in with No. 1 fan Mel! More casual Flight of the Conchords fans have complained that this season has been short on killer songs, but the introduction of New Zealand prime minister “Brian” and more screen time for the support cast have easily made up for it—and I’ll argue that “Too Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor)” and “Fashion Is Danger” are instant FoC classics, anyway. Move over refrigerators, here’s what’s cool!

The Bad Girls Club Tuesday, March 24 (Oxygen) Season Finale: Man, it just ain’t the same without Ailea and Boston … What? Good riddance to the bitches? You don’t [bleep]ing know us! I will [bleep] your [bleep] up! You don’t [bleep] with me and my girls! Arrrggghhh!!! [Bllleeeppp!!!]

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