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True TV

True TV | Pop Off! Season 2 of The Bad Girls Club comes to an end; America weeps Page 2

By Bill Frost
Posted // May 7,2008 - DVDhspace=5
Crash & Burn A car thief (Erik Palladino) caught by the FBI goes to work undercover to regain his freedom but soon finds himself in too deep with a crime boss (Michael Madsen), if not lawyers for The Fast & The Furious. Ford Mustang fansite loved it; I always trust them.

hspace=5Electric Apricot
Les Claypool’s This is Spinal Tap for jam bands, a rock mockumentary about the struggling Electric Apricot’s quest to play at the ultimate show, Festeroo. If you already think hippies are funny, be prepared for mind-blowing insight and joke tunes still not as lame as Phish’s.

Diane Lane stars as a Fed tracking down a killer who runs a snuff Website: More page views equal quicker death for victims. Our salespeople, if they actually read this, would right now be asking if we could implement such a potentially popular feature into our own Website. No, really.

hspace=5Two & a Half Men: Season 3
This was the season where Charlie (Charlie Sheen) was taken prisoner by a Satanic sex cult and forced to breed with all of the women and, if I’m not mistaken, this is also still the No. 1 family sitcom on network TV, thus paying for Sheen’s many hookers. God bless America!

hspace=5Walk All Over Me
Leelee Sobieski (The Glass House and several other bad movies) and Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) star as barely dressed dominatrixes-for-hire in a Canadian comedy-thriller about … there’s really no need to go on after that, is there? Mmm, Canadian comedy-thriller …

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Aces & Eights, Bite, Blind Eye, Botched, Cover, Crystal River, Drawn Together: Season 3, Graduation, The Great Debaters, Mad Money, Mission Impossible: Season 4, Saturday Night Live: Season 3, Youth Without Youth

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