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True TV

True TV | Ugly Endings: Chuck, Ugly Betty, Gone Country, Rock of Love 2, In Treatment Page 2

By Bill Frost
Posted // January 23,2008 -
hspace=5Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 5
Guest appearances by Patton Oswalt, Tera Patrick, Andrew W.K., Boost Mobile and Cancer—and it was still a pretty weak season.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 6
The season where Cheryl finally dumped Larry—but before he was diagnosed with “long balls.” Very important distinction there.

hspace=5Damages: Season 1
You didn’t watch it on FX, so catch up with Glenn Close in the courtroom equivalent of The Shield. Actually, it’s way better than that.

Fast Girl
A female racecar driver struggles to fulfill her father’s legacy. Or something. Also starring Justin Guarini! No, really!

hspace=5JAG: Season 5
The thrilling season where Harm and Mac were reunited! Just in time for cases with psychics, Wiccans and The Gays! Oh, my!

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
True story of the epic battle of Donkey Kong champs: The Challenger and The Weasel. Billy Mitchell would be The Weasel.

More New DVD Releases (Jan. 29)
Bordertown, King of California, Moving McAllister, Mr. Untouchable, Pioneers of Television

hspace=5Breaking Bad

AMC’s new original series doesn’t quite hit the Mad Men benchmark, but the Brian Cranston drama about a high school lab teacher-turned-meth dealer does have that American Dream Gone Bad darkness that cable-ready adults love so (see: Weeds, The Riches, etc). If you missed the Jan. 20 premiere of Breaking Bad, catch up with clips and behind-the-scenes docs online.

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Posted // January 23,2008 at 09:31 Tell Me You Love Me was a beautiful, realistic drama. You are a dick.