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Cover Story

Feature | Comedy Gold: Will Salt Lake City’s Marcus be the Last Comic Standing or The Biggest Loser? Page 1

By Bill Frost
Posted // August 6,2008 -

On May 22, 2008, the sixth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing—sort of an American Idol for comedians, only less harmful to the nation’s youth and ears—opened with a mild Thursday-night bang and thousands of auditioning yucksters from more than 20 countries.

And one from the least funny country of all: Utah.

hspace=5West Jordan comic Marcus (formerly known as “The Man of 1,000 Voices” and, less grandiosely, Mark Hardy) made the first cut on Last Comic Standing’s season premiere and has ridden it all the way to the Final Five in the season finale (Thursday, Aug. 7; broadcast live from Las Vegas on NBC), thanks in part to winning an immunity challenge with Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends (right) at the Playboy Mansion (yeah, rough gig), but mostly by being funnier than the rest of the pack. America may very well vote him the Last Comic Standing.

Too bad about the local-media blackout conspiracy against Marcus, huh?

OK, that might be an overstatement—but compared to the months-long (and still going!) Utah media orgasm over American Idol’s David Archuleta, the cute Mormon teen from Murray who eventually took the silver, Marcus might as well be competing on the Food Network. No, wait: Kelsey Nixon got more coverage, too. Aside from some radio and City Weekly’s print and blog reports about Marcus’ progress on a major network reality show, the Salt Lake City media has virtually ignored one of its own.

Strange, because apart from his gritty look and full sleeves of tattoos, Marcus embodies the Utah ethic: Work, work and more work—for damned little money. Since quitting his rock band (Showdown to SXSW ’04 finalists Rune) just a few years ago, he’s mastered hundreds of voice impressions, toured relentlessly, released two live DVDs, won numerous comedy competitions, landed several local TV gigs (including a semi-regular stint with Fox 13, whose reporters have been dead silent about their former colleague) and reset the bar for tireless self-promotion. He’s only a million or so Friends shy of Dane Cook’s MySpace army, after all.

Win or lose on NBC, Marcus will be part of the marathon Last Comic Standing Tour that stretches from Aug. 29 into next year. Naturally, it’s not coming to Utah, but Marcus will be performing a pair of Wiseguys Comedy Cafe shows at the Ogden (Saturday, Aug. 9) and West Valley City (Sunday, Aug. 10) locations before he hits the road with the other LCS finalists.

Of course, it would be sweeter if he won. Vote for the local boy on NBC, if only because Utah is sorely lacking in reality-TV winners thus far in 2008 (last David Archuleta burn … maybe).

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Posted // August 9,2008 at 12:21 I am not blaming the Mormons for anything. I am blaming the media. Fact is the church has such a good public relations department the local media has gotten lazy. They don’t bother to see if a local person is doing something newsworthy unless the church tells them. The next network cooking star, or whatever, was not a prominent show either, but since the lady was Mormon we knew about it. I am not calling out the church, I am calling out local media to stop relying on the church for all information.


Posted // August 9,2008 at 11:08 Anthony-- second class citizen!?! Are you kidding? If you had the nerve to say that to people who are actually harrassed for being different, I’m pretty sure they’d slug you in the face. And rightly so.


Posted // August 9,2008 at 11:04 I don’t understand why everyone blames everything on the Mormons. I don’t know why the guy’s not getting covered, but most of the newscasters reporting your nightly news AREN’T Mormon either. As a Mormon, I can assure you there is not some vast, organized Mormon conspiracy. David Archuletta was covered because American Idol is a HUGE show and David had a real shot at winning. I didn’t even know Last Comic Standing was still on the air and I’m a reality TV whore, so maybe the problem is more that people just aren’t interested. I know that theory isn’t as titalating, but it’s probably a lot closer to the truth.


Posted // August 8,2008 at 23:18 Yeah, kind of like Mormons don’t exist in other states. Does everybody in every other state get 100% media coverage? Nobody watches Last Comic Standing, that’s why there’s no coverage. It’s a summer TV show! look at the numbers numb nuts. I love Marcus and I’m an active Mormon, get over your insecurity and quit blaming the mormons for all your troubles whiner. Or you could move to one of the other 50 states where everyone gets endless media coverage for just having a pulse


Posted // August 7,2008 at 17:43 Marcus was hilarous in high school and is even more hilarous now ... too bad he was runner up. He deserved to win. If you are reading this Marcus, you have filled out nicely since high school! =) LOL