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Title Twisters

The Only TV Column That Matters? breaks down TV show names just for you.

By Bill Frost
Posted // June 11,2007 -

Many of your favorite TV shows went by different names before they debuted: Friends was originally titled Six of Us. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation used to be Crime Scene Investigators. Maybe It’s Me was once called Maybe I’m Adopted. Ed was developed as Stuckeyville—these are the better-known examples from TV-geek trivia. More obscure program working titles include Frizzy & Swishy (which became Will & Grace), Crap In the Wild (Survivor), President Lefty (The West Wing), The Untitled Bushy-Haired Professional Woman Drama (Providence, Judging Amy AND Crossing Jordan), Talkin’ ’Bout Pussies (an unaired Animal Planet pilot, not Sex and the City) and Government Mind Control Project No. 666 (Entertainment Tonight).

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