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Winter Snoozeland

Smell the excitement of the 2002 Olympic Games: Snow! Speed! And ... curling.

By Bill Frost
Posted // June 11,2007 -

No Friends. No West Wing. No Law & Order. No ER. No Conan. Nada. NBC is going to be televising “375.5 hours of Olympic coverage” this month—the “.5” representing a wild-card half-hour in which the Today Show’s $65-million Katie Couric sits pants-less on a block of ice, la last week’s Super Bowl Fear Factor, while Bob Costas screams, “Show me the money!” at her—and little else. On the upside, Last Call With Carson Daly will be off the air for two massive-tool-free weeks. On the downside, Passions will continue uninterrupted in daytime.

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