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True TV

True TV | Get Tucked: End of the writers strike, reality crapola, Dexter, Nip/Tuck Page 2

By Bill Frost
Posted // February 13,2008 -

hspace=5After Sex
Several different couples yak it up after getting it on. Not sold yet? How about Mila Kunis as a lesbian? OK, then.

American Gangster
A good-lookin’ cop (Russell Crowe) takes on a good-lookin’ drug kingpin (Denzel Washington) in a good-lookin’ crime thriller.

Jason Statham does his ass-kickin’ action-flick thing again; this time, he’s out to bring down … a computer virus. Damned nerds.

Excellent Cadavers
The true story of the Mafia, as told by a documentary filmmaker who may or may not be sleeping with alleged fish.

hspace=5Lust, Caution
From the director of The Hulk: Politics, love, espionage and NC-17 sexy time set against the backdrop of 1940s China.

Brian DePalma’s “War Is Bad” propaganda film that pissed off right-wing pinheads everywhere—so at least it did some good.

More New DVD Releases (Feb. 19)
Kurt Cobain: About a Son, Rendition, Terror’s Advocate, Walker Texas Ranger: Season 4

Amy Winehouse
If you skipped last Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, you’re not alone—viewership was down, even with the anticipation of a possible hissy-fit from Kanye West (he won, so no dice). Overall, the show was just another corporate circle-jerk, with the notable exception of Amy Winehouse’s spirited medley of “I’m No Good/Rehab.” It was the only genuine moment of the night—look it up.

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Posted // February 18,2008 at 11:48 I loved the commentary. I find it interesting that most narrow minded groups have difficulties in dealing with reality. I come from the Bay Area and during my younger years there was a killer named Kemper. I think that is how you spell it. Anyway,he was a coed killer. Later while in prison, without parole I might add, bacame an adviser for the FBI on serial killers. In an interview, he stated there were about a dozen active serial killers operating in the United States. Scarry is it not. It is nice to see a program where one of is hunting them and killin there own.