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Be the Bachelor

8 Bachelor/Bachelorette eligibility reqs

By Bill Frost
Posted // June 5,2013 -

Eight eligibility requirements for trying out for The Bachelor/Bachelorette in Salt Lake City this weekend:

8. Applicants must be single.*

7. Applicants may not have more than three (3) concurrent active restraining orders.

6. Applicants are responsible for all STDs contracted from and/or brought to show.

5. Applicants may not presently be a candidate for political office.*

4. Male applicants must be able to fake “listening,” “caring” and “rage suppression.”

3. Program coordinator may expose applicant to the risk of death.*

2. Female applicants with penises will be fast-tracked to our new series, Bachelor Surprise.

1. Applicants will be required to undergo psychological evaluation … JK!

* True, as per official eligibility requirements.

Twitter: @Bill_Frost

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