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Ted, Girls

New DVDs Tuesday, Dec. 11

By Bill Frost
Photo by Universal // Ted
Posted // December 10,2012 -

An underachieving stoner (Mark Wahlberg) must choose between his magical teddy bear/childhood friend Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and his ridiculously hot girlfriend (Mila Kunis). Unrated? What the hell did they leave out? (Universal)

Girls: Season 1
Four young friends (Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet) struggle with life, love, money, drugs and friendship in New York City. Not so much Sex & the City; more like Louie for 20-something women. Yes, really. (HBO)

Age of the Hobbits
A village of peaceful Hobbits is enslaved by a gang of dragon-riding cannibals, and only a pair of human warriors (Stargate SG-1’s Christopher Judge and crazy’s Bai Ling) can save them. Probably no relation to that other Hobbit movie. (The Asylum; released delayed)

The Bourne Legacy
A totally different super agent (Jeremy Renner) is out to complete the takedown of Operation Treadstone; much running, jumping, motorcycle chasing and Rachel Weisz hair-flipping ensue. Next year: The Bourne Predicament (Universal)

Collision Earth
A comet hits the Sun, pushing Mercury out of orbit and into a collision course with Earth—can a sketchy scientist (Kirk Acevedo, Fringe) and an astronaut (Diane Farr, Numb3rs) in a space shuttle stop the disaster? Sure, why not? (Anchor Bay)

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Posted // December 13,2012 at 09:51

Out of all of those, I’m most excited about Ted. I had planned on seeing it in the theater, like you, but what can I say, life kept getting in the way. Several of my coworkers at DISH saw it though, and they loved it. So since it left the theaters I’ve been waiting anxiously, for its video release. And of course, it comes out right before Christmas when I’m broke LOL. But that’s okay I suppose, I’m still going to get to see it soon because I have DISH’s Blockbuster@Home, which is a subscription rental service for games and movies. And since I pay the same thing for it every month, no matter how often I get a new game/movie, it’s already factored into my budget (which saves me a lot of money too). I already put it in my Blockbuster@Home queue, and I can’t wait until it shows up in my mailbox, which shouldn’t be long since they ship rather quickly!