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The Ocho

No Free Fare

8 reasons to eliminate UTA's free-fare zone

By Bill Frost
Posted // September 19,2012 -

Eight reasons the Utah Transit Authority should be able eliminate the free-fare zone in downtown SLC:

8. Their secret new RoboCop police force isn’t going to be cheap.

7. It’ll keep crazy hobos off the trains and where they belong: camped out in front of City Weekly.

6. The term “premium pay zone” sounds so much more upscale and cosmopolitan.

5. Ever consider walking a little further, tubby?

4. There’s no such thing as a free ride—unless you’re a UTA board member traveling abroad, or retired CEO.

3. If you think service can’t be made, uh, get worse, think again.

2. The bus in Speed was in a free fare zone, and look what happened there.

1. What part of “Authority” don’t you understand?

Twitter: @Bill_Frost

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Posted // September 19,2012 at 23:22

Another slap in the face by the UTA we should call it the greed zone or the poor management zone or the I don't want to keep the committment we made with the people zone!  It makes as much sense as closing the frontrunner on Sunday what a joke they are!!


Posted // September 19,2012 at 16:00

Your article states in mokery but there are valid reasons for eliminating free fare zone.

I ride the bus/trains. . example a homeless lady rode the bus she had a cart full of trash surrounded with horse flies!


Posted // September 20,2012 at 11:44 - And the biggest valid reason for forcing UTA to keep providing the free fare zone? They signed a contract stating they would do so for another 85 years. If UTA can't be trusted to stick to their word, made 15 years ago, then they can't be trusted to be an authority on anything, let alone transit.


Posted // September 19,2012 at 19:45 - god forbid a homeless person needing to get somewhere. . . UTA (or maybe some competing service) should run trax and/or a few busses when the bars close. This is a no brainer if you want to take cars off the road and help people get home safely from their night out. I suspect collusion with the cab companies against the public interest.