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Happy Graduation!

8 graduation speeches you may hear

By Bill Frost
Posted // May 16,2012 -

Eight graduation speeches you may hear this month:

8. “How to Land a Job With Your Women’s Studies Diploma and a Tastefully Low-Cut Blouse” 

7. “So You Want to Be a Lawyer: Negotiating Your Pact With Satan”

6. “Some of the Best and Brightest Home Beer Brewers in Your Trailer Park Have Chemistry Degrees”

5. “If Your Parents Had Finished College, They’d Have a Bigger Basement Apartment for You”

4. “Turning That Theater Degree Into a Sassy Mommy Blog”

3. “Fashion Design Grads: What They Never Told You on Project Runway

2. “Marine Biology Grads: What They Never Told You on SpongeBob SquarePants

1. “Turning That Journalism Degree Into Sassy, Marginally-Profitable Lists”

Twitter: @Bill_Frost

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