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8 'new' GNR classics

By Bill Frost
Posted // December 7,2011 -

Eight reworked and improved classics you’ll hear from Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses at the Maverik Center on Tuesday, Dec. 13:

8. “Something From Chinese Democracy We’re Getting Out of the Way Early”

7. “Welcome to the Jungle … My Lawyers Will Be With You in a Moment”

6. “Mr. Brownstone’s Endless Buffet”

5. “The First of 12 Extended Solos by Guitarists With Idiotic Names Who Aren’t Slash”

4. “Knockin’ on Chili’s Door”

3. “Don’t Cry (You Could Be at a Velvet Revolver Show)”

2. “November Gravy”

1. “Sweet Child O’ Mine and Several Plaintiffs”

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Posted // December 8,2011 at 02:41 Tasteless. I don't really get why people make fun of Axl's weight. He's barely two months off Fifty: I'd be worried if he looked like he was in his early 30s. You don't see anyone mocking Duff for having more wrinkles than my 67 yr old grandfather. Or Slash for his- be honest- ridiculus poodle hair. Guys, it doesn't look cool when there is nothing on the top anymore. Or Steven for being... well, destroyed. Or Matt for his ridiculus bleached spikey blond hair. And despite people claiming them having musical superiority and make better music, and that Axl is nothing without them Chinese Democracy out-old any VR album, even put together, in three months. And it made it to nr. 14 of the best selling album of the year in less than a month. Everyone knows it's not the same GNR, but their come to see him. And the musicians in the new bands are amazing. You don't see DJ so high he can't play welcome to the jungle right. They does amazing three hour stadium shows, while VR coulnd't sell out an arena of 5000.
Actually, never mind. I think its great that you couldn't find anything other than his weight to make fun of. Just shows how pathetic this is.


Posted // December 7,2011 at 17:13 So, so funny and witty Bill. I have never heard a food joke related to Axl putting on 20 kilos before. You are a truly original and exciting columnist. As soon as you write something as timeless and inspired as November Rain please post it on your blog so I can enjoy it.


Posted // December 7,2011 at 15:33 bill frost wishes he had a sliver of axle roses success. but oh wait, bill is really good at talking trash on hiptsters and musicians that are much more talented than he.


Posted // December 7,2011 at 16:44 - True. I also wish I had a sliver of Axl's backstage honeybaked ham right about now.